Newbies: 7 Songs By New Artists To Party To

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/05/2016


We're going into summer, so here have a bunch of party-starters by new artists.

Reva DeVito
The Move

Portland singer Reva DiVito has just dropped her six-song EP The Move, a collection of malleable, smooth dance songs produced by the likes of Kaytranada and Com Truise. There are plenty of groovy gems to pluck from the EP but in terms of a dancefloor filler it's hard to go past The Move produced by Kaytranada. He brings that trademark slinky, bass-driven funk while DeVito delivers a sensual vocal that's perfect.

Maleek Berry

Nigerian producer Maleek Berry's new EP is called Last Daze Of Summer but luckily for us down here in Australia, we're just about to enter into summer. That makes Kontrol, the sunny, dancehall anthem from the EP the perfect party tune for the summer. Dancehall has been the soundtrack for the Northern Hemisphere summer and it's sure to continue down here. Kontrol is laid-back and infectious.

We need to disclaim too that as a producer Berry is not new but he only has a handful of solo tracks to his name.

Like Me

Samsaya is a Norwegian popstar-in-waiting making tunes that fall somewhere between MØ and Tove Lo. She's got big, hearty verses but in the chorus the electronic influences slide in and create a drop that's made to be played with a few drinks in your belly. It's not a fists-in-the-air type banger but it's got enough personality to really wrap around your ears and get the feet moving.


With a name like AIRPLANE MAN how could this not be endlessly fun. TAKE ME ALL THE WAY HOME is full of joyous keys, euphoric vocals and pulsating beats - the type that festival moments are made of. It's unashamedly anthemic and that's the best thing about it. It sets out to make people feel good and it doesn't matter that it's not really breaking into any new territory. Sometimes familiarity is the best feeling in the world.

Cosmos & Creature

Whether you're 16, 36 or 66, there's something euphoric and nostalgic about songs that mention being young. LA duo Cosmos & Creature don't look like they're that old but they're certainly longing to be young and that longing actually sounds really great. This is a big, soaring pop song with a chorus that gives the sort of in-the-moment vibes that are needed to lift a dancefloor.

Lulu Be.
Rude Tings

Here's an anthem for the ladies courtesy of upcoming new Chicago MC Lulu Be. Rude Tings is a sassy jam in every sense of the phrase. "I be the queen of the pack," she raps over a dancehall-infused beat. The beat doesn't lift like electronic anthems do, instead she uses her effortless flow to piece together a melody that's groovy and rhythmic. If she can keep churning out jams like this, she'll have live audiences shaking worldwide.


So this is probably not the most obvious party tune on the list but for those of you who have been hitting play on Grimes' Art Angels at parties you'll know exactly where we're coming from with this one. British singer FRAN LOBO has made a glossy, synth-driven track that elevates towards a chorus that is an unmistakeable hands-in-the-air moment. It's a little heartbreaking but heartbreak has made some of the best anthems of all time.