PON CHO And Paige IV Have Given Us The Most Soaring Aussie Pop Moment Of The Year

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/30/2016


Earlier this year Thundamentals producer PON CHO arrived on the scene with a bonafide banger Lonely Walls and now he's returned with another Paige-IV featuring single Frozen.

Frozen isn't a banger in the danceable sort of way, instead it's a powerful, triumphant and emotional track with a chorus that shoots into the stratosphere.

Paige IV's vocals are unbelievable to the point of being ridiculous and PON CHO proves once again that he's got an effortless feel for stitching together forward-thinking electronic production with winning pop melodies.

Let's be honest, we haven't had many, if any, great local pop tracks that have won over the charts this year but we reckon this one has a real shot if given the chance.