the interns Crew Pick Your Weekend Soundtrack

Written By the interns on 09/30/2016


It's been one of the biggest New Music Fridays we've seen all year with new records from Bon Iver, Solange, Sticky Fingers, BANKS and plenty more. So, in the interest of making devouring it a little easier for you all we asked all our contributors what their favourite pick, either album or single, from the day is. If you trust us, like Young Metro does, you'll have a killer playlist this weekend with the below tunes.

Lido - Dye

With the debut album nearly upon us, today we have Dye. Lyrically, its the expected amount of repetition, we can make a pretty safe assumption he is begging former Bae Halsey to keep her locks to one shade (good luck mate). Its pretty vapid content but the song is so beautifully complex from a musicality and production side that we forgive the Norwegian producer for his lack of lyrical imagination. The sounds are lush and the beat will kick you right in the chest. Play loud in a fast car or take a leaf out of my book and blast from a bluetooth speaker on a secluded beach. #humblebrag - Meshell Webb

Bonzai - I Did

Amidst all the new music today it’d be easy but unwise to miss the latest release from  Dublin-hailing singer/songwriter/producer Bonzai. Her latest effort is a track called I Did from a forthcoming EP Lunacy. It’s a super fresh, experimental sound, cutting back and forth between glitchy sample-based production to sections full of lush synths, and such is Bonzai’s immense talent that she too cuts back and forth between hard and fast rhymes and full-bodied pitched singing. It’s not hard to see why she was signed by Mura Masa to his label last year. - Zanda Wilson

Machinedrum - Human Energy

After gifting us with his Folding Time album as part of Sepalcure earlier in the year, Machinedrum has returned today with the euphoric Human Energy. The 15 track LP features a whopping seven different collaborations - from Ruckazoid to Kevin Hussein and (of course!) the crazy-talented D∆WN. Each track unfolds in satisfying, unexpected ways, infused with hearty doses of bright, New Age beats and nods to more mainstream R&B and Hip-Hop in equal measure. Expect to hear cuts from this album go absolutely awwwf at his upcoming live shows in November. - Matt Fiacchi

Cashmere Cat - Trust Nobody (ft. Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez)

Cashmere’s slinky production meets Selena’s sultry vocals in this slice of bedroom-ready House. The slow-burning track manages to tick literally every box on the ‘Mainstream EDM But Don’t Call It That, Thanks’ checklist - from the (ugh) tropical-inspired instruments and chord progression right down to the obligatory ‘For No Reason, Here’s Tory Lanezrap verse. If left in less capable hands, this would be a completely forgettable addition to the pop landscape, but thankfully everyone on board manages to inject enough personality to ensure that this will probably become a moderate hit. - Matt Fiacchi

Daya – Cool

Daya, who is currently riding a pop wave to the top after releasing hit after hit has dropped ANOTHER clever pop track online, ‘Cool’, once again proving why she is not an artist to be skipped. As the title itself states, she’s kept it ‘Cool’ with this track, her chilled out vocals effortlessly float amongst snappy production creating the perfect track to chuck on repeat and drive around to on a warm spring evening (plenty of opportunities on the way!). - Gabrielle Clement

Pon Cho & Paige IV – Frozen

After releasing one of the best pop songs of the year so far, Lonely Walls, the iconic duo, Pon Cho and Paige IV, are back and boy is it good. ‘Frozen’ pulsates throughout with clean, piano driven production highlighting Pon Cho’s incredible ability to create fresh electro-pop pieces. Paige IV’s vocals are powerful and raw as she delivers one of the most emotionally commanding chorus’ I’ve heard in a long time. This is one that needs to be added to your playlist ASAP! - Gabrielle Clement

And the video? Incredible...

BANKS - Trainwreck

I have been ramping up BANKS’ sophomore record all year. From when we first heard Fuck With Myself to the most recent cut in To The Hilt, this record was shaping up to be one of the most personal bodies of work an artist can offer. It’s only been a day, but WOW I am excited and cannot wait to delve further into The Altar over the next few days. I feel like picking the whole album for you all to stream is a huge stretch. Instead I have given you what is another of my favourite cuts from the record in Trainwreck. - Harrison Kefford

Bon Iver - 8 (circle)

One of the many great things about being a music journalist is that from time to time you get the chance to wrap your hands and ears around music before everyone else. It’s truly one of the many great things about the job and having to keep the new Bon Iver record under tight wraps for a week is a task I wish upon no budding muso, fan or fellow journo. 22, A Million is going to be there come end of year ‘best of’ list and I have no doubt it'll be up high.

22, A Million is honestly (and this gets chucked around a fair bit here) one of the best records of the year. Can Justin Vernon do anything wrong? Seriously. Again, until you can get home and stream the whole record and you know, cry til the sun rises, I'm here to assist in picking one of the records many many quality tracks. The track is called 8 (circle) and it was first previewed on Jimmy Fallon's late night talk show. For me, the track brings forth the same emotion, happiness and musical bliss that Beth/Rest brought. This gif adequately depicts how we are all feeling with new Bon Iver in our lives. - Harrison Kefford


Nicolas Jaar - Three Sides of Nazareth

DARKSIDE will forever remain one of my favourite acts in music. The way Jaar and Harrington crafted music together was like something I'd never heard or experienced before and I am sure almost every person that loves music will vouch for having a moment like this. If you have never heard Papertrails before then do yourself a favour and bump it right now. Actually one better, fall in love with DARKSIDE’s awe inducing Boiler Room set. It’s picture perfect and contains an even better soundtrack. Ok, enough about DARKSIDE and onto the latest Nicolas Jaar solo venture in today's release The Sirens. Having to pick one of the six tracks that come in at a combined 45 minute total, I cannot go past Three Sides Of Nazareth. Coming in just short of 10 minutes, it feels and sounds like the most DARKSIDE track on the record.  - Harrison Kefford

Solange - A Seat At The Table

Years ago when Solange was touring her EP True in Australia, I got down to Beyoncé's Drunk In Love with Solange at Sydney's Good God Small Club (RIP). That has little to no relevance to her new album but I do try and slip it in wherever I can.

Solange's A Seat At The Table is her most powerful and personal effort to date exploring notions of race, displacement and anger. It's stitched together beautifully by a flawless soul aesthetic, peppered with effortless harmonies and melodies that slowly weave themselves around you. More than any Solange record, you get a feel for exactly what's going on around here from being a mother to a wife to an American citizen. Her personal voice is so strong and you'd be doing yourself a big disservice not sitting down and giving it a proper listen. You'll not only learn a thing or two about Solange but also how it feels to operate in a world that still has such a way to in terms of prejudice. - Sam Murphy