The 11 Best Songs Of The Week: The Weeknd, Lido, Danny Brown And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/23/2016


A week that has a song featuring Daft Punk is no ordinary week...

11. Willow Beats
Dvaraka Pt. II

Willow Beats are about to embark on the Listen Out festival tour so they've dropped a new song just in time. Dvaraka Pt. II beautifully combines those mystical, hypnotising Willow Beats vibes with forward-thinking electronica. The vocals are beautiful and ethereal while the backdrop is unpredictable. Really exciting, innovative stuff coming right out of this country.

10. Lastlings

Time continues right where we were left off with LastlingsYou. Through singer Amy’s ethereal tone to the sleek sound design, Time appears to be another ready made contender preparing it’s charge for triple j‘s Hottest 100. - Harrison Kefford

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9. Shamir
Tryna Survive

US singer Shamir returned this week with a new song Tryna Survive which was written for a short film called Sheep Plays Wolf which has been put together by Rayban. It’s an ad dressed up a short film but it’s not a bad watch, even if you’re just doing it to hear this new Shamir song which is really quite good. It’s called Tryna Survive and it’s driven by that trademark voice and boppy, pop stylings which were all over his debut record Ratchet. In saying that, this one has more of an alt-rock vibe where his debut album was more electronic.

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8. GoldLink
Rough Soul

You can barely go a week without hearing something new from GoldLink and he’s delivered once again with the super smooth Rough SoulRough Soul features the dulcet tones of April George and is another silky slice of electronica. GoldLink laws his flawless flow over top moving the tempo along. Give it up for the quantity and quality king.

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7. JoJo
FAB (Feat. Remy Ma)

JoJo's gearing up for the release of her long-awaited third album Mad Love and this is another single off it FAB. It's actually the best track to come from the album yet, bursting with personality and aggression which suits JoJo's voice perfectly. FAB equals "fake ass bitches" which is a bit of a lol but even that gimmick doesn't distract from this being a genuine anthem.

6. Kult Kyss
Get Up Boy

Taking cues from experimental electronica, new Aussie duo Kult Kyss havedelivered washy, ethereal vocals that maintain a melody that sits somewhere between the pop world and the electronic world. It’s almost as if someone remixed the xx in space in sent it back down to earth and that’s a vibe we are 100% here for.

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5. JOY.
Birthday (Feat. Lil Aaron)

JOY.‘s been a little bit quiet on the music front this year but that looks set to change. She starts playing Listen Out this weekend and has also dropped this new track Birthday. The auto-tune heavy track features US artist Lil Aaron who has worked with the likes of Kiiara and D.R.A.M. The same kind of woozy Kiiara vibe can be heard on this track and it really suits JOY. It’s the most hip-hop cut she’s ever released and she sounds like she’s in her element.

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4. The Weeknd
Starboy (Feat. Daft Punk)

Out of nowhere The Weeknd returned this week with Starboy and he brought Daft Punk with him. Interestingly despite the huge feature this is a return to The Weeknd's mixtape vibes. It's dark, slithery R&B buoyed by a pulsating beat that throbs through the entire song. The Weeknd sounds in his absolute element, singing over a dark, yet subtly illuminated beat.

3. Lido

Lido performed his upcoming album Everything in full at Coachella in April but he’s only just getting to release it. Following Crazy, Murder is the second song to come from the record. It’s a bubbling, sample-heavy cut that basically distorts every sound pulling it in to Lido’s unique soundscape. He’s truly one of the most forward-thinking producers of our time and he continues to push the boundaries with each drop. This one isn’t as vocal-heavy as Crazy but it’s just as full of bursting emotion.

2. Danny Brown
Really Doe (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Earl Sweatshirt)

If you're going for the biggest features of the week then stop here. Brown has pulled out all the stops with Really Doe pulling in some huge names but also more than holding his own. In fact, despite Kendrick's killer hook, it's Brown that makes this song, spazzing out over icy, steely beats.

1. Kevin Abstract

If you're going to watch one video this week make it this one. LA-based artist Kevin Abstract this week stepped it up with EMPTY from his forthcoming record American Boyfriend. It was produced by Frank Ocean collaborator Michael Uzowuru and is a soulful, piano-led jam that positions him as a vivid songwriter. The clip is pretty NSFW but it's beautifully shot.