Musicians VS Swooping Season

Written By the interns on 09/22/2016

Spring has finally sprung and, despite its mostly pleasant connotations, its arrival also signifies the beginning of the much-dreaded Swooping Season. It's that time of year when the black sheep of Australia's flora & fauna, the magpie, takes extra precautions to protect their young. Dive bombing and pecking at unsuspecting and unthreatening passers-by, the  swoop of the humble magpie makes a run-in with the definitely non-fictitious Drop Bear look like a walk in the park. Here's some exclusive pics we captured last Swooping Season, a PSA to all of you out there that no one, not even Beyoncé, is safe during this turbulent time.


Wow, don't hurt yourself Bey. The Queen tried to tell the magpies to get in formation but they wouldn't listen. Ring the alarm, it's magpie season.


Kanye West 

FML. Where are the wolves at when Kanye needs them? There were blood on the leaves once these magpies had their way with Yeezy.


Britney Spears 

The bird warned Britney that it was going to swoop and told her to move. Her response: "make me". She was asking for it really.



Man down! Rihanna needed someone to kiss it better after returning home from a stroll in her Pumas with a pecked forehead. Poor RiRi, there's not ANTI-dote for swooping magpies.


Mariah Carey 

The elusive chanteuse must not be that elusive if a magpie can find her.


Ariana Grande 

Ariana Grande's a dangerous woman but she's obviously not dangerous enough for the magpies. This cheeky bugger had her moving side to side to dodge it.


Justin Bieber 

This magpie was definitely swooping with purpose. And he ain't saying sorry, either.


Nicki Minaj 

Nicki's the only person who managed to turn the bird away. She rapped Monster and by the time she got to "I'm a mother fuckin' monster," the bird turned around and even apologised.


Taylor Swift 

Look what you made the magpie do, Swifty.



Drake's up high catching views from the 6 so he had to be prepared for the attack as he was in the bird's playground. As soon as the bird's started swooping he put on this helmet, got on his bike and yelled, "hold on, we're going home". Take care Drake, those birds are truly on their worst behaviour.