Shamir's Soundtracked A Lil Film With A Great New Song 'Tryna Survive'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/19/2016
Photo by Brayden Smith (BCS Imaging).

Photo by Brayden Smith (BCS Imaging).

US singer Shamir has returned today with a new song Tryna Survive which was written for a short film called Sheep Plays Wolf which has been put together by Rayban.

It's an ad dressed up a short film but it's not a bad watch, even if you're just doing it to hear this new Shamir song which is really quite good.

It's called Tryna Survive and it's driven by that trademark voice and boppy, pop stylings which were all over his debut record Ratchet. In saying that, this one has more of an alt-rock vibe where his debut album was more electronic.

tbh, we'd be happy for Shamir to soundtrack Donald Trump's political campaign as long as we got a new song from him so we're delighted to hear something new from the Vegas artist.