Rating Everything: The Laneway Lineup, Lady Gaga, Lip Sync Battles And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/14/2016

rating-everythingA new feature where we give an unnecessary star rating to anything and everything that happened during the week…

The International Acts On The Laneway Lineup
There's a s***load of Aussie acts on the Laneway lineup this year so we're going to give our attention to the minority, the internationals. There are a few that are really exciting. Clams Casino is coming down under to tour for the first time, as is Nao. The pair of them are behind two of the best albums this year and are brilliant. There's also Tourist who was here recently but put on such a beautiful show we can't wait to see him again. Floating Points live is another exciting prospect and US duo Whitney are behind one of the year's best debuts. Glass Animals are an interesting inclusion given they were here a few months back and while they will no doubt please punters, they don't have that same innovative flair as the other inclusions.

All up, it's a strong International bill. It's lacking the heavy hitters like CHVRCHES and Grimes from last year's lineup, but the Aussie portion of the lineup somewhat makes up for that.

The Best Performer At Bigsound: Sampa The Great
5StarWe said at the time and we'll say it again, Sampa is the best new performer in the country. Closing out the second night of showcases at BIGSOUND, she arrived on the stage chest puffed and ready to slay. She celebrated race, femininity and personal greatness by finding a perfect balance between humility and ego. There's no one in Australia who attacks bars like Sampa does and she's going a long, long way.

2:24 to 2:37 Of Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion
We've already reviewed Lady Gaga's new single Perfect Illusion so don't expect another full spiel. This part is the instrumental change of the song and really sees the Kevin Parker influence comes in. It's the cleanest the production gets and sounds a little Let It Happen which retro elements of Ronson's Uptown Funk. It feels like the relief after the storm and is one of the few sweet spots of the song. That said, if the song was only 13 seconds, we'd be a little disappointed.

Christine & The Queens Covering Beyoncé's Sorry
There are certain artists that just put their absolute all into everything they do no matter what it be and Christine & The Queens is one of those. Every live performance I've seen of hers, she puts in her absolute all and this Radio 1 Live Lounge cover is just further proof. A lot of artists have stepped into the Radio 1 studios and given a half-arsed attempt at a cover (hi Justin Bieber) but Christine hasn't done that. She's revamped Beyoncé's Sorry into an '80s funk-tinged anthem complete with a French verse and a dance break. If you're going to take on Beyoncé, you better bring something new to the table and this might be one of the best Queen Bey covers we've seen. Phenominal.

Nick Murphy Over Chet Faker
This comes at a very convenient time for me. As Chet Faker née Nick Murphy has been out of the spotlight for a little while I'd replaced his face in my mind every time I hear his name with Chet from Unreal and while both are unbearable, it was a nice change. So, it's a good thing that he changed his name but the problem is Nick Murphy is my Dad's name and now every time he calls I hear in my head, "we used to be friends, we used to be inner-circle." The positive is, there's now a Laneway poster with my Dad's name on it which is an easy Christmas present.

giphy-6FYI: That's Chet from Unreal.

Lip Sync Battles
I know it's all the rage in the US but unless I'm at a Britney Spears concert I just don't see the point. Michael Phelps lip syncing to Eminem's Lose Yourself and John Legend lipsyncing Outkast's Hey Ya! both made the news this week and it's just not that entertaining is it? It's an attempt to recreate the original music videos with a little bit of humour thrown in and in the end it ends up looking like a home movie you made when you were six. Let's leave lip sync battles to major award shows please.

Blocking Comments On Instagram
This week Instagram has made it possible to block specific keywords or emojis in comments. While this is great news for removing scumming comment, I'm undecided on whether this is a good thing. I've just commented on Taylor Swift's Instagram with a snake emoji and if it gets deleted, I'll rate this change one star.