The Biggest Superstars Of BIGSOUND 2016 Day Two

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/09/2016


BIGSOUND is back for another year and more young up-and-comers have descended on Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley to show everyone what they’ve got. With past discovering including DMA’s, George Maple and Ngaiire, BIGSOUND has a great track record for finding the next big thing and judging by night one of 2016, this year will do nothing to detract from that.

Sampa The Great
In our opinion, Sampa is the best performer of any new artist we've written about since starting this website three years ago. For Sampa music is something that runs through her veins which may sound cliché but it genuinely does. Every beat, every word, every harmony triggers something physical inside her on-stage and she commands the crowd just as well as the greats like Kendrick.

Her BIGSOUND showcase was absolutely packed and the audience was down to party with her. Every line she rapped packed a bunch and the audience often cheered back at her as she celebrated femininity, culture and general happiness. Sampa's message is "we're all great" and maybe if we all believed that as much as we did, we'd have the same confident spirit running through us. She's a warrior on-stage and tackled every song like it was her last. Her band matched her and gave BIGSOUND something pretty special to leave on.

Middle Kids
Middle Kids can already count Elton John amongst their fans and live, it's pretty easy to see why they're generating so much hype very on in their career. Frontwoman Hannah Joy is one of those natural performers that exudes effortless personality. She threw her body into every song, using gusto to force out huge notes with a strength reminiscent of musicians like PJ Harvey.

The best things about Middle Kids is while they're music can be somewhat intense in its most climatic moments, there's a pop heart at the centre of each song that calls for singalongs and dancing live. Edge Of Town is already a smash but newbie Your Love sounded even sweeter live.

Out of all the people that performed during BIGSOUND, Olympia's vision was the strongest. With a debut album now out in the world, she's had a bit of time to think about her stage presence and she's absolutely nailed it. Dressed in a glossy, silver jumpsuit she looked like a cross of ABBA and St. Vincent, clutching a guitar to deliver anthems that sat between '70s pop and 2016 rock.

They had problems with faulty drums but seemed to give zero fucks, pushing on with a raucous yet polished performance. It was furious, melodic and danceable, each song revealing a different dimension to Olympia. Smoke Signals is one of the finest local drops of the year but live Somewhere To Disappear soared with its euphoric chorus and vocal power.

Apart from being the two most beautiful people at BIGSOUND, Lastlings also have a masterful, polished sound that's just as beautiful as their image. There's some serious hype around these two and it's probably because they've got a young naivety about them that's endearing but at the same time they're professional and practiced. Every time we saw them throughout the week they delivered nothing short of perfection with ethereal vocals, crisp beats and expertly sequenced sets.

Expect this brother-sister duo to be serious festival players over the next year as the whole country falls in love with them.

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