REVIEW: Kilter | Manning Bar, Sydney

Written By Zanda Wilson on 09/03/2016

Interview: Kilter

Sydney's prodigal son Kilter made his triumphant return to his home city at Sydney Uni’s Manning Bar on Friday night, and by the end of the show a raucous crowd had helped him party off whatever jetlag he might still have had lingering from arriving back in the country earlier this week.

Having just toured around playing a bunch of shows in Europe over the past month or so, Kilter brought his brand new live show to Manning, and although the show wasn’t sold out like some of his forthcoming dates – you could’ve been forgiven for thinking it was at a capacity, such was the buzz around Manning.

Early into the show he got the crowd pumping with When You Walked In before belting out his remix of Duke Dumont’s I Got U. One of the charms of Kilter’s show is just how live it is, and having seen him develop and tweak it over the years I can safely say that this was his most well-thought out and best put together show of his career so far. Listening to Kilter on the radio you could be excused for thinking you’d turn up to a live show and see a DJ but he is literally the polar opposite.

A drum kit, numerous hit pads and a keyboard surround Kilter in a cubicle-like fashion on stage; making him more akin to a Jack Garrett or Lido than any DJ. The beauty of cueing every sound on the spot throughout the show is, of course, that Kilter’s live show is never the same twice. Sure he’s got quirks that he regularly enjoys; like seeing how fucking fast he can drum without passing out – but if you were to travel alongside Kilter’s tour and watch every show; you’d experience something completely new every time.

Case in point; he brought out regular live addition Tim Lockwood on guitar for his remix of Metaphysical, before going into a brand new track that we’d never heard before complete with a live singer. Surely it can’t be too much longer before his album is ready to be released...

Later, he brought out Micah – who recorded Fool For You with him earlier in the year; and she was stunning live. The crowd was now at peak hype, and he launched into his brand new single They Don’t Know Us – which everyone in the crowd new every fucking word to, before closing with They Say, and coming back to play his remix of Snakadaktyl’s Fall Underneath as an encore.