The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: Frank Ocean, Dua Lipa And Cashmere Cat

Written By Bianca on 08/26/2016

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Recapping a week in which Frank Ocean lied about his hair colour...

10. Two Can
Holding On To You (Feat. Savoi)

If you're already looking for an anthem to soundtrack your summer then we think we may have found it for you. Two Can are Melbourne brothers Oscar and Myles and they've teamed up with vocalist Savoi, who previously featured on LDRU's Next To You, to craft an absolute jam of delectable sounds and melodies. Come festival season, this is going to get some serious mileage and so it should. Euphoric, perfect dance pop.

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BOYBOY is an LA-based pop artist who has been mysteriously been popping tracks up on Soundcloud since the beginning of the year. We’ve been enjoying what he’s released so far but we were waiting for a track to really pop. And it’s here. Daylight is a breezy, easy, beautiful pop song. It’s basically a perfect pop song. It’s effortless, richly melodic and carefree proving that BOYBOY has some serious chops when it comes to writing and producing songs to swirl around your head. He’s actually a Kiwi living in LA which probably explains why he’s so good because Thomston, Lorde and Broods have all proved in the last few years that NZ has a rich talent pool.

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8. Allday
Send Nudes

Allday‘s prepping us for the release of his inevitable second album. He’s already given us Sidesand now he’s delivered Send Nudes with a cover featuring cartoon nudes, obvs. It’s a super slick, smooth production that has Allday in half-singing, half-rapping mode laying down a melody that floats on clouds. A modern day love song, Send Nudes combines technology with physicality capturing the feelings of lust in the Tinder-age.

When I Get To The Club

HI LIFE's When I Get To The Club is being released through SIDECHAINS, one of Australia’s most innovative electronic collectives, and it’s aimed directly at those who shed a tear to SOPHIE’s Just Like We Never Said Goodbyelast year. This is a cut for the moment you enter the club feeling like the party doesn’t start ’til you walk in. It’s euphoric, sugary and possesses a melody that could win over even the harshest of PC Music skeptics.

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6. Dua Lipa
Blow Your Mind (Mwah)

Dua Lipa has fired out another pop anthem Blow Your Mind (Mwah). Following on from Hotter Than Hell, the song that basically took over the charts worldwide for a brief moment, she’s gone even further towards straight-up pop, delivering low-key Spice Girls vibes. It’s sassy and has the word “fuck” in it so you already know it’s gonna be good. She’s been opening her live shows with it which is a pretty good sign that she’s sure it’s destined for big things.

5. Britney Spears
Just Luv Me

This is one of two appearances for Cashmere Cat in this week's list. He's the genius producer through the best track on Britney's new album Glory. Just Luv Me allows us to hear the delicacies in Brintey's voice for the first time in God knows how long. It's a gentle but beautiful song that explores the more downbeat dimensions of Cashy Cat's production.

4. Jack Grace
All Lost

Aussie musician Jack Grace was one of the brain's behind Ngaiire's excellent album Blastoma this year and now he's focussing on his own project. All Lost is taken from his forthcoming EP out in October and it's a dark, haunting piece that sets up the EP beautifully. It's an emotional piece carrying a weight like little else we've heard come out of Australia this year.

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3. Cashmere Cat
Wild Love (Feat. The Weeknd & Francis And The Lights)

Finally Cashmere Cat is prepping for the release of his debut album and Wild Love is the first single off it. And what a single it is. He's recruited The Weeknd and Francis And The Lights for an emotional, consistently detouring cut that's unlike nothing we've heard this year. While The Weeknd delivers a stunning vocal it's the forward-thinking beats that really capture attention in this seriously next level track.

2. Tigerilla
TULIPS (Feat. Gill Bates)

Tigerilla is the second signing to Nic Kelly's Night High Records and follows on from PON CHO's storming anthem Lonely Walls. TULIPS is his first release for the label and it maintains that innovative electronic edge while adding melodic, groovy tinges of R&B. Gill Bates slays the vocal delivering as much personality through his bars as rapper like Andre 3000. Around him, Tigerilla builds a wonky, futuristic sonic backdrop that's accompanied by a bloody, brilliant video that's just as wonky. "Heyyyyy girl, wassup," is already a classic line in our books.


1. Frank Ocean

There's very little more to say about Frank that hasn't been said already this week. By know everyone's across the fact that Blonde is nowhere near as immediate as Channel Orange but repeat listens unveil something personal and beautiful. Ivy, however, is the most immediate of the bunch. It's a guitar-driven love song that explores the rawness of Frank's voice. As a songwriter, Frank has come along way since Channel Orange, replacing vagueness with a direct honesty that shines through on Ivy.