Ryan Playground Drops Her Best Track Yet Titled 'I Won't Sleep On You'


Through the efforts of tracks Folders and Mad As Hell, Montreal producer Ryan Playground's debut EP Elle smashed things right out the terrain de jeux (french pun intended). However, it may just be her new track titled I Won't Sleep On You that truly showcases her talent.

Following collaborations with Thomas White and Secret Songs boss Ryan Hemsworth, there is no disputing the fact that Ryan Playground well and truly on the rise. As stated above Folders helped skyrocket her name into the electronic 'one's to watch' category, and it's perhaps due to the fact Ryan Playground offers the complete package. She's creative in her efforts to produce electronic music that holds so much flair, whilst equally showcasing her vocals. What real name Genevieve Ryan Martel brings to the table are these raw textures that electronic music often misses, but desperately needs. Her new track I Won't Sleep On You showcases these tones and textures in a raw, yet honest way that makes this quite possibly her best piece of work yet.

Once again do yourself a favour, and don't sleep on the name Ryan Playground.