Lord Help Us, BANKS Has Dropped 'Mind Games' And It's Damn Good


Forget Beyonce, BANKS can for just a moment attain the title of Queen B. She's dropped yet another cut from her sophomore album titled Mind Gamesand hot damn we need more ????? emoji's.

Real talk, her new album which releases September 30th titled The Altar is shaping up to be as good, if not better than Goddess. A couple of months back we received the dark and weirdly perfect single Fuck With Myself. Sticking true to her dark alt-pop prowess, BANKS accompanied the song with an creepy, yet amazing video clip. Than, earlier this month we were bluntly told through the lyrics of Gemini Feed (another cut from The Altar) that it is perhaps never wise to f*ck with BANKS.

Now we've received Mind Games, the third taster of her sophomore album, and it's has us really scratching for this release.

“I believe it’s true/ That you would screw me if I let you in my bedroom/ And if I did, then do I try to move away?/ Cause I know you like mind games," she sings in the strongly worded track.

BANKS took to Facebook to further explain the song saying, "Writing it was a really important step for me in making this album. It makes me feel exposed putting it into the universe but see me now"

Side note, Mind Games feels like a dedication to anyone who has ever stuck it out with that one significant other who completely f*cked them over, Aka F*ckboi or F*ckgirl.

Combining the three cut's (Fuck With Myself, Gemini Feed and now Mind Games), September 30th is proving to be yet another exciting day for music in 2016 with The Altar shaping up to be one of the years most exciting releases.