The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: DAWN, Travis Scott, Danny Brown And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/19/2016


Yeah, yeah, we know you've got Frank to listen to but give some other stuff a chance too...

10. KLOE

We've been tracking Glasgow popstar-in-waiting KLOE for a little while now and with each release she just gets better. Liability is her latest drop and it's a beefed-up, experimental anthem. The verses are charasmatic and the choruses crash like thunder just like any hard-hitting pop song should.

There are also bits in this that make us feel as if this is the direction Lorde should take on her second album. Anyway, just a thought.

9. Mac Miller
We (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)

Mac Miller's really found soul for his forthcoming record The Feminine Divine. First single Dang! was one of the grooviest cuts this year and this next one We featuring Cee-Lo Green isn't far off. It's a slower tune but there's a slick, sexy groove to it that Mac falls back into and enjoys the ride.

8. James Vincent McMorrow
Get Low

If you weren’t convinced that James Vincent McMorrow was going to pull of his R&B/soul reinvention with Rising Water then Get Low is sure to win you over. Get Low is the second drop off his forthcoming We Move and it solidifies the new direction he’s going on. It’s a super slick, effortlessly soulful number that feels like he’s finally found the best home for his voice (not that we weren’t already won over by it on his previous albums).


There are heaps of great artists in Australia right now but we could never challenge the Scandinavians in the field of pop, however, if we were ever to try NAATIONS would put up a good fight. NAATIONS is a new collab between Van She’s Nicky Night Time and Nat Dunn. Together they’ve worked with everyone from Tkay Maidza to Jess Kent but now they’re ready to make waves with their own material. Kingdom is the debut single and it’s slamming. It’s strong, confident and full of personality with a chorus that Diplo would surely do everything to get his hands on.

6. Travis Scott

Magnificent is not usually a word used to describe hip-hop but Travis Scott is making the most wavy, effortless music right now that it’s pretty hard to think of another word without underselling it.Hooch follows on from Pick Up The Phone and is taken from his forthcoming record Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. It’s another auto-tuned track that sees Scott once again chaneling 808s And Heartbreak vocals. It’s haunting, atmospheric and sweetly melodic.

5. CL

South Korean popstar CL has been on everybody's radar because she's working with big names like Diplo but nothing has caught our attention quite as much as her latest single Lifted. It's the lead-single from a forthcoming EP and it's an unapologetic banger. It's chocked full of attitude and she looks exactly like what Iggy Azalea probably wished she looked like when rapping.

4. Danny Brown

We’re getting closer to the release of Danny Brown’s forthcoming record Atrocity Exhibition and now we’ve got a new drop to keep us excited Pneumonia. The track is laden with steely beats and a minimalist approach that is exactly the type of forward-thinking hip-hop you’d expect Warp to be releasing.

3. Stormzy
Birthday Girl

Grime MC Stormzy has released some pretty dark material over the past year but he’s lightening things up a bit on his latest track Birthday Girl. “Do what you like, you’re the birthday girl,” Stormzy raps, playing the ultimate romantic. He does it all over a wavy, dreamy beat that makes it seems like he’s seeing everything through rose coloured glasses. It’s nice to hear him navigate a melody like this and deliver something that’s completely free of ego.

2. Jagwar Ma
Give Me A Reason

Jagwar Ma have announced their forthcoming album Every Now & Then will be out 14th October and dropped Give Me A Reason from it right in our laps. While O B 1 was very much like what we've heard from the duo in the past, this one switches up the formula. It starts with the most minimal instrumental they've ever delivered and expands gloriously into that pulsating electro-rock we've come to love.

Cali Sun

DAWN is back after her excellent Honest EP earlier this year with another innovative cut of R&B/electronica Cali Sun. It's a climatic, triumphant tune that moves from a sweeping verse into an earth-shattering drop that shows exactly why DAWN is one of the biggest trailblazers in the game right now.