The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: Porter Robinson, Rihanna, Harle & Jeppers + More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/12/2016


Hot tip: mute the Olympics and listen to these as the soundtrack. Makes it more interesting.

10. Liv Dawson

We called Liv Dawson‘s debut single Tapestry “a stunning entrance” back in May and now she’s backed it up with the follow-up Still. If you need a quick reminder, Dawson is a 17 year-old singer/songwriter from London who has a honey-soaked voice that could probably warm anything it touched. While Tapestry was a soulful ballad, Still sees her up the production value a little, adding tinges of electronica to take her into the world of artists like London Grammar.

9. Promises Ltd.
American Eyes

Promises Ltd. is a collaborative project between Chrome Sparks and Miniature Tigers’ frontman Charlie Brand. Together they’re making Drive soundtrack-inspired music that’s made for twilight, cruising. Their latest drop is American Eyes, a glossy, neon track that is in some ways epic but also bubbles under. There’s something distinctly woozy about the whole thing, like the sharp edges of everything have been blurred to take it from an 11pm banger to a 3am sprawler. Their debut EP is out 26th August.

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8. Rihanna
Needed Me (Murlo Remix)

Murlo last played around to Rihanna's Work with great results and now he's taken on ANTI's next biggest single Needed Me. He takes it into electronic heaven, using icy synths and jungle-inspired percussion to flip the R&B anthem.

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7. M.I.A.
Bird Song (Blaqstarr Remix)

M.I.A. is due to release her latest album A.I.M. on 9th September. This song is due to be on it but the version appearing on the record is produced by Diplo while this is a Blaqstarr remix. Diplo and M.I.A. haven't collaborated since Kala so obviously we're keen to hear that but this is a good taste - a hectic, hard-hitting song, just as she likes it.

6. Coda Conduct
Usually I'm Cool (Feat. Jimblah)

Sydney rap duo Coda Conduct are back with a smooth R&B jam driven by a Jimblah hook. It's their most confident sounding single to date and has a real chance at picking up some serious radio airplay. It's late night, sensual cut that takes us back '90s soul.

5. Kilter
They Don't Know Us

There are certain songs that yell anthem on first listen and Kilter‘s new single They Don’t Know Usdoes exactly that. The new track is a stomping, festival-bound cut that eases in with gravley vocals and then explodes with a drop full of horns, glassy percussion and howling synths. It follows on from Fool For You which has racked up nearly 250,000 plays on Soundcloud marking one of his most successful originals to date.

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4. Novelist
Girls Around The World

Grime MC and producer Novelist has dropped some pretty dark material in his career but he’s lightened it up a bit on his latest cut Girls Around The WorldGirls Around The World is his first love song and features him rapping about his “one and only” over a ’90s-influenced, laid-back beat. The 19 year-old sounds on his game as always but it’s nice to hear him take his time over a slow-moving, melodic beat that feels as if it should have a video panning diamonds, the beat sounds that expensive.

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3. Porter Robinson And Madeon

Porter Robinson is back and he’s hooked up with French producer Madeon for what’s said to be the first single from a forthcoming Robinson record. It’s called Shelter and it features the vocals of Madeon. It precedes a joint tour North American tour for the pair who have been friends for a while.

2. Shagabond

Toronto producer Shagabond is still spreading his name with a stellar remix of GoldLink and a host of impressive originals but this slick new cut featuring LA vocalist Noah is likely to really take him to the next level. Kodaks is a slinky, late night jam that plays with memories of lost love drawing on nostalgic R&B and the imagery of kodaks to hit you right in the feels. Noah‘s vocal caresses Shagabond’s glassy, wonky beat that doesn’t try too hard, instead choosing to gently unfurl over the durations of the track.

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1. Danny L. Harle
Supernatural (Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen)

Yeah we've had this in here once before but that was a leak and now it's officially out so here it is. It's a rushing, gushing, planet-hopping anthem that's likely to change the face of pop forever. That's a hyperbole but so is the entire song so it feels appropriate. Harle and Jeppers have more chemistry than Mr. and Mrs Smith and we hope this isn't the last we hear from them.