Newbies: 7 New Late Night Jams By New Artists

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/10/2016


Songs to pump once the clock flips to the AM...

The Hour
Killing Time

As per so much late night music that comes out, The Hour are as enigmatic as their music suggests. They broke onto the scene several months ago with their excellent debut No One's Going To Heaven and have released Answer and Killing Time recently. The latter is the latest and it's a woozy, falsetto driven cut that's dark and haunting. "If they don't hold my tongue, I'll say the truth," the mysterious vocalist sings over a beautifully wavy beat. It builds and builds until we're left with that ensures the The Hour stay in your memory, no matter how little we know.

The Hill

London singer MTMBO has been dropping tracks on his Soundcloud for about a year that linger around the two minute mark but he's finally got for a full song, dropping The Hill. It's a beautiful, mellow track that has him harmonising with himself. It's an intimate track about, "just us" and is peppered with heartwarming lyrics and pumped along by a light, personal beat that leaves plenty of room for his vocals to shine.

Promises Ltd.
American Eyes

Promises Ltd. is a collaborative project between Chrome Sparks and Miniature Tigers' frontman Charlie Brand. Together they're making Drive soundtrack-inspired music that's made for twilight, cruising. Their latest drop is American Eyes, a glossy, neon track that is in some ways epic but also bubbles under. There's something distinctly woozy about the whole thing, like the sharp edges of everything have been blurred to take it from an 11pm banger to a 3am sprawler. Their debut EP is out 26th August.

Always Get Me High

SIMONE's Always Get Me High mimics the feeling of the early morning when you've returned from a night out and can't quite make out your exact thoughts. Everything from lust to sadness is blurred and you make no attempt to try and understand it all. SIMONE is a 21 year-old from Toronto and that's about all we know at the moment. This track is the second release following Never Satisfied and finds a sweet spot in washy, indistinguishable production.

Nok From The Future
Things Never Got Better

Nok From The Future is a New England artist who is slowly revealing his debut album BOMBS. He dropped the first part of it this week and it's an A-plus collection featuring Kevin Abstract, Dyland Brady and Ro Ransom. Things Never Got Better is a gentle, auto-tuned ballad that explodes with a beat that sounds as if Blink 182 met a hip-hop producer. It finds beauty and sadness in the softer moments and anger in the bolstered parts, creating a perfect juxtaposition of emotions.

Autumn In June
Take Flight

Autumn In June is an enigmatic LA producer who is making analogue electronic music. It's glossy just like electronica should be but there's an organic heart to it both in the vocals and the analogue synth work. Take Flight is the latest and it recalls the melancholy of Ryan Hemsworth's last record Alone For The First Time. There's a hint of sadness in the instrumental but lyrically, it's a declaration of love.

Gold Fir
Night Walk

We couldn't go a whole late night jams list without acknowledging that some people will still be out on the dancefloor in the early AM. Gold Fir have provided us with our dancefloor burner for this week with Night Walk, a disco-flavoured, kaleidoscopic tune. It sounds like it's straight out of disco's golden era with a flexible bass line and rhythmic but washed-out synths. They're a duo from London and while they only have two tracks to their name this one is enough to get us pretty excited about their future.