Hot Or Not? Frank Ocean, John Mayer, Justin Bieber And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/03/2016

Our snakes and ladders of the week...


Frank Ocean's 'Boys Don't Cry'
It looks like Friday is going to be the day we finally get our hands on Frank Ocean's third record Boys Don't Cry. It's been a very long journey, all of which is documented here, but he kickstarted the road to the release this week with a stream on his website. It had most of Australia up until 2am watching Frank cut wood which is both frustrating and genius at the same time. Obviously we all thought we'd get something when he cut all the wood but we never did bar the release date leaking soon after. He kept us all interested with these swelling clips of music that played with the heartstrings. As annoying as it was it became a weird social experiment of how long you could watch for before you decided to it was ridiculous. Album releases in 2016 are communal events once again and Frank proved that by getting everyone to watch that stream together.

Drake and Rihanna
Can Drake and Rihanna get married now? Like, this week preferably. RiRi turned up at his OVO Fest in Toronto on not one but two night singing Needed Me solo and then joining Drake for Work and Too Good. The chemistry was sizzling and honestly this new generation deserves our Beyoncé and Jay Z or our Britney and Justin. Drake and Rihanna fit that mould perfectly and confirm it so we can all be at ease. Honestly, we'll never get sick of watching RiRi twerk all over Drake.

Kanye On BBC
Kanye creates a news story a day at the moment and it was great to hear him sitting down for an interview with Radio 1 once again this week because they always pull the best things out of him. He was passionate throughout touching on his Glastonbury performance, Adidas and Ikea, all of which have grabbed headlines this week, but it was his quotes on being crazy that really captured our attention. “People say, Kanye he's so crazy, he's this, he's that. People call you crazy so much you start to believe it yourself,” he told Annie Mac.

“I don't feel crazy any more! It was always like - it's going to be one of two things, either i'm crazy or everybody else is.”

People are suddenly letting Kanye create things and from his album launch at Madison Square Gardens to his Adidas Yeezy Boost shoes he's proving that they're right in doing so.

Alex Lahey's Debut EP
We love it when an Aussie artists starts firing on all four cylinders and that's exactly what Alex Lahey is doing. She's being touted as the next Courtney Barnett at the moment and while we're not really in the market for that right now because we have Barnett, Lahey is bringing the same honesty and humour to her work and it makes her debut EP B-Grade University a knockout. The best Australian songwriters have always made songs that make it feel as if they're performing in your living room and she brings that same intimacy. Basically, we want to be best mates with her.


Sad news has emerged this week with Astral People announcing that their Sydney festival OutsideIn will not return in 2016. OutsideIn was a tightly curated, boutique festival that brought in people who were there to watch music no matter how big the headliner was. Last year saw Stormzy, Bilal, Big K.R.I.T. and more play alongside a tight local lineup, providing a great local solution to those major festivals which are becoming increasingly hard to handle. People need to continue to take chances on festivals like these because it's these that keep the scene vibrant, not mega festivals with stacks of international big players.

John Mayer
John Mayer might be the daggiest man on earth and he proved it this week with his declaration of love for Tame Impala's Currents. Currents is a great album, yes, but most people declared their love for it when it was released almost a year ago. But in a classic Dad move, Mayer finally picked up on it and then proceeded to compared it to Coldplay circa 2003. He then pretty much gave Kevin Parker permission to take his girlfriend which is all just very John Mayer circa all the time.

Justin Bieber Siding With Kanye
s far as we're concerned the whole Famous debate is over. You've by now decided whether you side with Taylor Swift or Kanye and also found that it really makes no difference at all. Taylor's 1989 was still great and Kanye's The Life Of Pablo is still great. Still, Bieber decided that he had to let his Instagram followers which side he's on which felt entirely unnecessary. No matter your thoughts on what Taylor did, it's exactly this kind of stuff that paints her as a victim. It's unnecessary cyber bullying and an opinion that Bieber really didn't need to share no matter how much he wants to be one of 'the boys'.

Taylor swift what up

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Two Door Cinema Club's Bad Decisions
We didn't want to write this but...we need to talk about Two Door Cinema Club. Bad Decisions is a far too polished piece of disco which would've sounded relevant circa Get Lucky but now it just sounds old. They're struggling to find their lane now that indie pop-rock has basically disappeared and it's a shame.
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