The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: How To Dress Well, JoJo, Mac Miller And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/29/2016


If Frank Ocean drops his album today this list will be obsolete so let's hope that doesn't happen for our sake...

10. JoJo
Fuck Apologies (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)

JoJo's got a lot of work to do given that her last hit single was called Too Little Too Late and this single, the first from her forthcoming third album, is literally too late. 10 years too late actually. But we're willing to forgive her because she's been effed around by her label and this new single Fuck Apologies is luckily not "too little". It's a solid R&B cut that reminds us that she actually has a banging voice. Like every Wiz Khalifa voice he leaves little impact but the whole rap third verse into the money note works well here so he can stay.

9. Medasin
Daydream (Feat. Joba)

Straight up, this dude is one of most talented and wizard-like producers on the online music platform that is Soundcloud. Earlier this month he debuted Daydream exclusively over on Apple Music but this week Medasin released it for everyones’ ears. Daydream showcases yet another crafty use of electronic sounds/elements that quite frankly, a lot of the scene lacks. Drilling into the same sounds that too gave the once Soundcloud producer KAYTRANADA a name, Medasin’s latest release Daydream once again proves himself as name to know and watch. - Harrison Kefford

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8. Sinead Harnett
If You Let Me

British singer Sinead Harnett has kept fans holding on this year, releasing no solo tracks, until now. She’s getting ready to drop a new self-titled EP and If You Let Me is taken from that. It’s a wobbly, sensual R&B tune featuring production by GRADES who is the artist behind Nao‘s woozy soul sound. Last year’s Do It Anyway and She Ain’t Me suggested that Harnett was reaching for the mainstream but this one takes her back to her more underground R&B roots. That’s not to say that she won’t have a hit with it. It’s still very accessible and slinky enough to work its way into the ears of the masses.

7. Terror Jr
Come First

Terror Jr have proved that they're far more than just that band that featured in Kylie Jenner's lip kit commercial. They've released five songs now and their latest Come First may be their best offering yet. It's a sugar pop/R&B crossover that channels a similar sound to Kiiara. There's plenty of sass in the lyrics but the instrumental is sugary sweet and that juxtaposition works really well.

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6. Cosima
Had To Feel Something

For all our Aussie readers, no this is not Cosima De Vito from season one of Australian Idol. Cosima is a British singer who most recently featured on Lil Silva's Caught Up. Had To Feel Something is her very own track and sees her give a dark take on the kind of British soul that's been perfected by singers like Jessie Ware over the past few years. It's slinky and haunting with Cosima elongating her vocals and taking her time on the delivery. That restraint is often not something you find in new artists and suggests longevity.

5. Alex Lahey
Ivy League

Alex Lahey killed her main stage Splendour-opening performance over the weekend and now she's backed the hype with an excellent EP B-Grade University. She's a humorous, clever songwriter who finds interest in the most mundane of situations a lot like Courtney Barnett and EP opener Ivy League displays that best. "If I was an ivy league kind of girl do you think they would give me more shifts at work," she asks in the opening lines of this 2 minute 30 second piece of gold. The instrumental is raw, the vocals are honest and the melody is A+. She may have gone to B-Grade university but she's knocking out nothing but straight As in the music biz.

4. Mac Miller
Dang! (Feat. Anderson .Paak)

This is Anderson .Paak's 900th feature this year but as long as they keep at this standard he can keep on churning them out because we can't get enough. This time he's hopped on the first single from Mac Miller's forthcoming album The Divine Feminine which comes a year after his last GO:OD AM. It's the funkiest most low-key thing he's ever done and while .Paak's definitely to blame for that, Miller actually thrives over a far more organic beat than he's become accustomed to.

3. Rainbow Chan

Work is off Rainbow Chan's forthcoming debut album Spacings and it might be the most aggressive, confident dance anthem the Sydney artist has ever made. It follows on from the slinky pop stylings of Nest and sees her deliver beautiful, airy vocals over a forthright, pulsating dance beat. It’s commanding both in its lyrics and sound and it’s great to hear Chan really go for it.

2. Nao
Trophy (Feat. A.K. Paul)

Nao released her debut album For All We Know today and while the whole thing is brilliant, Trophy is a clear highlight. A.K. Paul and Nao have teamed up in the past and their partnership makes so much sense given they both triumph in that wobbly R&B sound. Trophy forges forward with distorted guitars and washy synths as Nao and Paul's vocals power through the centre. It's so goddamn funky it should be illegal.

1. How To Dress Well
Lost Youth / Lost You

How To Dress Well‘s last album What Is This Heart? is still an interns favourite so it’s welcome news that he’s getting ready to release a new album CareLost Youth / Lost You is the first taste of that record and it’s everything you would want from a How To Dress Well record. It’s a swelling, emotional opus that ends with a howling guitar solo. It definitely hits at the heart but the forthcoming record has been described as “a truly joyous record” and there’s definitely an uplifting spirit to this one.