The Splendour In The Grass 2016 Wrap Podcast

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/28/2016


Splendour In The Grass 2016 is over and there's plenty to talk about. There were big moments, special guests and a whole lotta Flume plus a few kinks for Splendour to iron out next year.

We jumped on Skype after the festival with three of our team that were there (Sam Murphy, Meshell Webb and Zanda Wilson) and one that wasn't (Sean Singh) to talk about the festival that was. Despite still very much being in Splendour recovery mode we managed to tap into our memory and walk through the weekend's highs and lows. Podcast below and highlight times below though if you just wanna skip to the gold.

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00:49 Lido
02:35 The producer vs. composer argument
04:10 James Blake
04:40 Duke Dumont
06:30 Twinsy playing The Nanny theme song
07:20 Santigold
08:15 Highlights from the guy who stayed home
11:00 The Strokes
16:30 Flume
22:45 Flume's Aussie Guests
23:05 Jess Kent
24:50 The punters
26:00 The downfalls of the first night
30:00 People singing DJ Otzi Hey Baby
30:45 The bus lines
32:50 Improvements for next year
33:00 Ball Park Music
37:00 The year overall
38:40 Rumour: Mark Ruffalo drove Porsches home one night