Soundcloud Wizard Medasin Releases 'Daydream'


Straight up, this dude is one of most talented and wizard-like producers on the online music platform that is Soundcloud. Earlier this month he debuted Daydream exclusively over on Apple Music but today Medasin has released it for everyones' ears.

First things first, go check out his rework of Kučka's track Honey and a track he released earlier this year titled Motion because both are straight up ???. If they aren't enough to have to hooked, revel in his collaboration with josh pan titled Hopes Up, which is as adequately crisp and dirty. There are many talented producers amongst the Soundcloud community, but Medasin is a solid leader of the pack.

Daydream showcases yet another crafty use of electronic sounds/elements that quite frankly, a lot of the scene lacks. Drilling into the same sounds that too gave the once Soundcloud producer KAYTRANADA a name, Medasin's latest release Daydream once again proves himself as name to know and watch.