Here's Everything You Missed At Splendour In The Grass 2016

Written By the interns on 07/23/2016
Image: Still In Time | Splendour 2016

Image: Still In Time | Splendour 2016

Splendour In The Grass 2016 is here. The sun is shining and the grounds are looking 100 per cent less muddy than last year. Keep your eyes here for all the latest Splendour news, reviews and snaps from our team on the ground.

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Sampa The Great Kicking Off Splendour Right

Image: Savannah van der Niet | Splendour 2016

Image: Savannah van der Niet | Splendour 2016

Sampa The Great kicked off proceedings at the Mix Up Tent just after 12pm on the first official day of Splendour. Short in stature but not in talent, Sampa - accompanied by no less than seven others on stage - blended hip-hop, rap and soul in a way that only she can. With her three backup singers providing some beautiful melodic harmonies, Sampa took control of her band and spat rhymes hard and fast as she brought a huge amount of energy to the stage. She provided a performance that rose and fell - but the set overall was paced well. She kept a big audience on their toes as they said hello to three days of incredible music - Zanda Wilson

Jack Garrett's Amazing One Man, Multi-Instrumental Show

It would be a disservice to UK muso Jack Garrett to simply describe him as a multi-instrumentalist because in truth he is so much more than that. He can sing across multiple octaves, and is more than an accomplsihed guitar player and drummer. His set kicked off with a crowd singalong of favourite Weathered before he charmed the crowd with a set fill of witty English humour. A short cover of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air and a mashup of Craig David's 7 Days with Justin Timberlake was a stroke of genius. And the crowd loved every minute of it. - Zanda Wilson

Years & Years Making Up For Last Year

It's rare to see Splendour book an act two years in a row but Years & Years weren't able to deliver the full experience last year when their gear didn't arrive in time so they were back this year to prove themselves. Their one of the strongest pop acts on the planet right now and the set proved that. With frontman Olly Alexander sporting a t-shirt with a 'dick heart' on it, he got down to every song raising the roof with Gold and sending shivers through the tent with Border. King is the singalong of Splendour to beat so far with every voice joining together for an epic rendition of the hit but special shouts go to the trio for getting a predominantly triple j-centred festival crowd to singalong to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. Amazing. - Sam Murphy

Illy Performing A New Number One Single

Whether you're an Aussie hip-hop fan or not, it's pretty hard to deny that Papercuts is a class A banger. When Illy woke yesterday morning it was number one on iTunes but it was knocked off just before his set by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber's Cold Water. It didn't dampen his spirits though as he was clearly stoked to bring out Vera Blue and drop what will surely be one of his biggest singles ever. These are the moments that make Splendour so special. When you get to see a homegrown act in front of a huge crowd of devoted fans signing to a song that's mere weeks old. - Sam Murphy

We don't wanna jump the gun but @illyal's 'Papercuts' could be the moment of Splendour. #SITG2016

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The Avalanches Return To Live Gigging

Whether you were buying into the hype or complaining about them being overrated; The Avalanches were one of the most anticipated performances of splendour 2016. A debut of a brand new live set saw the guys joined by two vocalists to sing many of their famous vocal samples, and the live renditions of tracks like Frankie Sinatra, Since I Left You and others were generally good - but as a whole the set was a little hard to engage with at times. They certainly warmed up into it though, (and can definitely be forgiven for being a little rusty) - but one could be forgiven for wondering whether an Avalanches DJ set in the mix up tent would have provided a truer representation of the enigmatic band's two albums to date. - Zanda Wilson

The Strokes Near Perfect Headline Set

In One of the more predictable moves of Splendour 2016 thus far, The Strokes delivered a thoroughly entertaining closing set on Friday evening. Consummate professionals as always, Julian Casablancas and his band provided an early highlight for rock fans with a balanced set that pitted lesser known tunes with fan favourites, but strangely no Oblivius from their latest EP. Predictably but no less fantastically, they finished with Last Night; leaving us tired but supremely satisfied at the end of an awesome first day. - Zanda Wilson

The Lack Of Mud

Image: Bianca Holderness | Splendour 2016

Image: Bianca Holderness | Splendour 2016

This year's Splendour is a totally different story to last year. The sun is out, the grounds look beautiful and there's barely a sign of mud. Compared to last year's Splendour In The Mud, it's heaven. It looks like it's the middle of summer and everyone's got a huge smile planted on their face - Sam Murphy

The Hysterical People In The Bus Lines

Anybody who caught the bus home last night will admit that it was a bit of a shit show. The roads out of Splendour were clogged up with buses and people were left waiting for hours on end to get home. No doubt Splendour will be doing their best today to rectify that problem because they had thousands of disgruntled people - disgruntled or just plain crazy. One guy decided to go for a swim in the mud and unsurprisingly the video has made its way round Facebook. - Sam Murphy

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Day Two

Boo Seeka's Coming Of Age

Enigmatic duo Boo Seeka have threatened to absolutely explode on several occasions over the last few years, but have frequently been pegged as small time or a bit too weird to pull a huge crowd. On Saturday the boys were exposed to their biggest audience yet, with a huge crowd of budding new Boo Seeka fans packing out the mix up tent at 3pm. They brought the party hard, and showed just how great their chemistry as a duo; keeping the whole crowd on a level that pre 5pm splendour rarely sees. Deception Bay saw an positive crowd digging some super happy vibes, and from that point on Boo Seeka were truly born onto the Aussie festival scene. - Zanda Wilson

Lido's Mind-Blowing Live Set

One of the most anticipated internationals wasn't even a headliner, but for those in the know Norway-hailing producer, singer and multi-intrumentalist Lido was always going to be a highlight. If you could bottle and distribute raw talent Lido would be a pretty much unlimited, untapped source. Taking the stage he announced that he was definitely 'not a DJ' before proceeding to play some amazing versions of his biggest tracks, complete with extended drum solos, stunningly intricate piano lines and some breathtaking harmonising with his own pre-recorded vocals. By the time he launched into Crazy he was midway through a set that rose, fell and pulsated with some incredible energy. He closed with Why I'm Single and left the stage with little fuss or fanfare. - Zanda Wilson 

Image: Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

Image: Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

Snakehips' Genre-Spanning Set

From hip-hop and R&B to pop, Snakehips have a pretty diverse catalogue now binded by their distinct electronic sound. They were only in the country six months ago but since then All My Friends has become an even bigger hit and they've released a song with ZAYN. Their set was all about good vibes as they surrounded their own tracks with hits like Kaytranada's Lite Spots and a remix of 112's Dance With Me. Cruel sounded great but criminally short and All My Friends was every bit the singalong it was expected to be. - Sam Murphy

Guy Sebastian's Splendour Debut

A mere 13 years winning after the first edition of Australian Idol, Guy Sebastian graced Australia's biggest winter festival for the first time. He made a not-so-surprising appearance at the set of Paces, coming out to sing their collaboration 'desert' to the delight of a packed Tiny Dancer stage. Not at all put off by the dude with a Shannon Noll flag, Guy showed off the amazing voice we all know and love, amid a super fun Paces set in which he brought up some dancers and also had Tkay Maidza up on stage, who is quickly racking up the most guest sets of anyone this weekend. - Zanda Wilson

Ball Park Music On The Small Stage

If you have had a peek at the program for Splendour and wondered why Ball Park Music were only on the third largest stage, you're not alone. One of the biggest bands in the country at the moment and on the cusp of an album release and massive headlining tour, the band found themselves playing to a crowd that extended back beyond the end of the GW McLennan tent by at least 20 metres and anyone who didn't get there before they kicked off found it seriously hard to get anywhere near to the tent at all. For a band that packed out the amphitheatre in 2014 it was certainly a weird move by festival organisers, but playing the hand they were dealt BPM shredded an amazing set including a bunch of unreleased material. - Zanda Wilson

Santigold's Day-Ending Party

Santigold is one of the most infectious performers on the planet right now so it was a choice move to have her closing out the Mix Up tent, despite the fact that What So Not who played before was probably the more popular act. The US singer has more pizzaz than a can of silly string and delivered three costume changes as well as choreographed dance moves and colourful consumerist visuals. Things got off to a slow start with a remix of You'll Find A Way and L.E.S. Artistes but by the time she pulled audience members up to dance with her for Creator she'd taken full flight. The final three-song punch of All I Got, Can't Get Enough Of Myself and Big Mouth was one of the festival highlights so far. Can't Get Enough Of Myself spread a joy through the tent that's difficult to manufacture. 99c may have illuminated behind her but the set was worth nothing short of a million bucks. - Sam Murphy

Santigold & co. @splendourinthegrass @santigold ?? #SITG2016

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The Jungle Giants High Energy Set

Brisbane pop rockers The Jungle Giants played the perfect afternoon chill set, with tired punters flocking to them to kick off the evening right. A relaxed but packed out crowd appreciated the happy vibes and plenty of singalongs. The set climaxed towards the back end with crowd favourite She's A Riot, as the band showed their appreciation for such a great crowd. - Zanda Wilson

Image by Savannah van der Niet | Splendour 2016

Image by Savannah van der Niet | Splendour 2016

Tegan & Sara's Casual Banter

Tegan & Sara's music may detail heartache and heartbreak but they're not as emotional or serious on stage as their glossy pop anthems would suggest. They were immediately loveable on the Amphitheatre as they bantered back and forth in between songs labelling the Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau hot and making quips about the crowd as they scanned for people they'd spotted before in banana outfits. They made a huge stage feel intimate and it only made bangers like Stop Desire and Boyfriend more infectious, confident in the joy that was oozing from the pair. An acoustic break in the middle may have been a misstep for a festival but at the same time they managed to please fans both new and old.

Duke Dumont's Ultimate House Party Set

A bracketed (DJ Set) next to Duke Dumont's name on the program did little to deter punters who flocked to see him play the penultimate set of the festival at the mix up tent. There was no rise and fall, only rise - in a captivating set that proved that Dumont is easily one of the best DJs around. His visuals, were some of the best of the entire festival - with a light display matched by a super trippy flowering visuals intercut with various incarnations of Duke's logo. If there was ever a perfect psych up for Flume, this was it. - Zanda Wilson

Photo by Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

Photo by Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

James Blake's Goosebump Raising Voice

James Blake was originally known more for being a producer than a vocalist but his latest album The Colour In Anything positions him as an intimate, soul singer and his live set at Splendour displayed exactly that. Perched at his piano for most of the set he moved through a career-spanning list of songs peaking at the haunting Radio Silence. He managed to silence an amphitheatre full of people and seconds later make them dance with pulsating tracks like Voyeur. That's no easy task, particularly when you're entertaining a bunch of people waiting for Flume. - Sam Murphy

Just A Gent's Tuxedo Set

Brisbane producer Just A Gent exploded onto the Tiny Dancer stage early in the evening to what would easily have been the biggest crowd of his short career to date. He treated us to a mix of melodic tunes and heavy trap cuts, split with heaps of guest vocalists. Kitted out in his bow tie and top hat - a look he has coined for himself. The back end of the set saw an even bigger influx of people after Golden Features wrapped up on the nearby mix up stage, as Just A Gent finished on a high. - Zanda Wilson

Flume's All Aussie Headline Set

It's very easy to argue why a producer shouldn't headline a festival and many of those arguments were proved right when Calvin Harris took to the stage for the final night of Coachella this year. It often seems lazy to simply play the song out to a crowd of people that've paid good money to be offered more than just a studio version. Flume, however, offered a counterargument to that. It was essentially a DJ set but it was well-pieced together, from the experimental Wall Fuck to the anthemic Never Be Like You, taking the audience on an emotional ride. While all too common drop like RL Grime's Core were unnecessary there was plenty to enjoy and he created the party atmosphere that the last night always needs.

It wasn't so much that that made the set impressive though, it was what Flume did with his platform. Instead of playing the original vocals, he invited a cast of the finest upcoming Aussie talent to join him. Vera Blue, Ngaiire, Remi, Baro, KU?KA and Jess Kent all joined him on-stage. They weren't there to draw more people in or boost Flume's status in anyway like an appearance from say, Chet Faker would've done. Instead, he was shining a light on fresh talent and giving them a chance to perform for crowds that they're still years of drawing themselves, if at all. It proved that they're all more than capable of commanding mega crowds but it was Jess Kent's version of Say It that stole the show. She's a superstar in the making - a popstar that can please both commercial and alternative crowds and that's something Australia has been starved of. She tackled the massive stage like she was in her element and out of all of Flume's guest looks the most likely to achieve crowds of that size herself one day.

Photo by Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

Photo by Mitch Lowe | Splendour 2016

Punters Climbing Things

To be honest, you're not going to get serious FOMO from this one but it seemed to be an even bigger trend than other years this year to scale anything you could find. Someone found themselves on top of the world for Flume, people perched in a tree for Sticky Fingers and one guy attempted to touch the top of the tent during Jagwar Ma. They look like they're having the time of their lives when they're at the top but the look of panic that sets in when they release what goes up must come down suggests it's not all that worth it in the end. Let's hope the guys below at Flume was holdin' on...

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