Brutalist Share First Single 'Strep' And Announce Upcoming Mixtape


For those of you who have yet to acquaint yourself with Brutalist, it is a project between LUCIANBLOMKAMP & Seekae's John Hassell. Yesterday saw the release of their first single titled Strep, and it is a damn good debut.

Collaborations are difficult. It's not an easy venture trying to merge and blend sounds together, as well as producing something that sounds pertinent to both parties. Though, as an outsider, what LUCIANBLOMKAMP and John Hassell have given birth to with this new project and its debut single is (pardon the language) a f*cking masterpiece. As the saying goes, "It's music to my ears" and this is damn well the definition of perfection. It delivers the sounds of both artists, which is what you want from a collaboration and is also a new journey. It's the sounds of a vast electronic dreamscape that truly takes you on a ride.

In addition to the release of Strep, Brutalist are due to release a mixtape via Good Manners Records on August 26.