Review + Snaps: Broods | Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Written By Zanda Wilson on 07/11/2016

Few musical outfits have made as majestic an entrance to the Enmore Theatre stage as New Zealand-hailing brother-sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott. The group otherwise known as Broods are currently on a headline tour of Australia, fresh off the back of the release of their new album Conscious – and with a desire to prove that they deserve their headline billing.

Broods couldn’t have chosen a better penultimate act to warm up the crowd than Vera Blue, who although her songs can sometimes be hard to distinguish from one another – her tone is incredible and she had a packed Enmore Theatre at fever levels of anticipation. She finished up early, and Broods took to the stage before schedule as well much to the surprise of many.

Georgia and Caleb took to the stage accompanied by a two other touring members of the band, and following an epic opening Georgia then took a minute to thank the crowd, describing the experience of being there on stage as more than surreal. Then, with the stage bathed in Blue light and smoke – they got into their show, kicking off with a few slow burners to warm up the crowd.

One of the aspects of Broods’ music that appeals to so many is the seemingly boundless emotion behind every track that Georgia Nott belts out, and seeing them live only confirms the glorious passion of their every composition. An early highlight was one of their new tracks featuring Tove Lo called Freak Of Nature, which brought the audience together in sentiment from it’s opening piano solo to Georgia’s unmatched and forceful vocals. Her words dripped with emotion, every lyric creating its own sensation and feeling – felt by the whole audience.

After the first third or so of the show, Broods surprised the whole Enmore theatre as their accompanying band left the stage and Georgia and Caleb sat at the front of the stage on stools; Georgia with a mic, Caleb with his guitar. “We wanted to show you how we started out,” said Georgia, her words tinged with a tone of disbelief that here she sat, in front of hundreds of people.

Words can hardly describe what followed, as Georgia called on Aussie singer-songwriter Jarryd James on stage to accompany the two on their new collab. The acoustic version of 1000x that followed was other-wordly – and watching Jarryd and Georgia take turns singing the top line was simply unbelievable. Jarryd James; holy shit – what a voice.

James left the stage and Broods proceeded to perform their final acoustic track of the night – an old crowd favourite Sleep Baby Sleep – and the stripped back version one again brought to light the beauty of Broods’ composition and the purity of Georgia Nott’s  vocals.

It may seem hard to believe, but the show only got more intense from that point on. Not a group you’d pick to bring the theatrical side of the show to the fore – Georgia and Caleb disappeared from stage, only to return with their full contingent just seconds later; shocking the crowd with a fully-fledged wardrobe change. They had gone from wearing entirely black to entirely white in a split second – and without wasting time they launched into Recovery.

“It’s time to party!” announced Georgia – before they took things up a level with Are You Home from their new record. The light show had been excellent all night, but soon enough lights that we had no idea where even on the stage began blitzing up and the crowd moved as one as Broods kicked into crowd singalong favourite Pretty Thing.

Following that we began to hear some of Broods’ biggest hits; Lost In Love, then L.A.F and Mother Father. Then came the track we’d all been waiting for – a typically emotive live performance of their largest hit to date Free. A short break was then followed by a three song encore, but there really isn’t anything else to say that hasn’t been said. They wrapped up one of the concerts of the year thus far with Bridges, and that was Broods.

Photos by Brandon Lung.