Hot Or Not? Adele, Delta Goodrem, Justin Timberlake And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/29/2016

The bad and the rad from the fortnight that was had...


Beyonce's BET Awards Performance
Beyonce's a silent warrior at the moment. She dropped one of the most powerful, unexpected album of the year in Lemonade and since hasn't given an interview despite swelling rumours about her marriage and then she turns up at the BET Awards only to perform without another word said, even when she won an award. It's because the music is speaking so loudly and her performance of Freedom with Kendrick Lamar was as liberating as they come. Dancing in between the water and the flames, the pair delivered what might be the best televised performance of the year. So powerful and yet so classy.


The Red Bull Weekender
We so often hear about how Sydney's nightlife is dying so it's really important to celebrate the good things when they come along and there are plenty. One of them is the Red Bull Weekender going down in Sydney over September. They have unveiled a pretty great lineup covering venues all over the city. Ta-Ku's doing a show, Flight Facilities are performing with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and there's a club night going on with Bok Bok, Kilo Kish, Marcus Whale and more. The best part is, it's free so there's literally zero excuse in September to whinge about how Sydney is expensive or boring.

Check out all the deets here.

Blood Orange's Freetown Sound
Dev Hynes was meant to drop the new Blood Orange record Freetown Sound on Friday but he's such a kind guy that he decided to gift it to us early yesterday. At 17 tracks, it's a lengthy effort but it's captivating from start to finish. He's interwoven samples throughout his own funky tracks dripping in nostalgia and it reads almost like a film, it's tied together so cohesively. Thematically, he touches on race, gender and his own personal stuff, poignant as ever. Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado, Empress Of and more have all hopped on board too.

Adele At Glastonbury
Boring, old, female were all critiques thrown at Adele when she was announced as the headliner for Glastonbury but, as expected, she proved everybody wrong. For the second year in a row a girl won the best headliner crown at Glasto, following Florence last year, proving that there should be many more of them. As well as being the greatest and largest singalong in the history of singalongs, she brought a humanity and intimacy to the Pyramid Stage that is so often lost thanks to it's sheer size. She was funny (calling out her ex for still living with his parents), heartwarming (brought to tears by the love for Someone Like You) and potty-mouthed (lamenting that she's the only headliner who got a language warning before her set). The whole thing was so imperfect and that's exactly what made it perfect. Onya Adele, bloody good job.


The Cover Art For Delta Goodrem's Wings Of The Wild
My stomach hurts just thinking about writing something bad about Australia's queen of pop so let's put a positive spin on this. Replacing your leg for an entire tiger is a brilliant idea, revolutionary even, if we're talking pop in Australia. It just looks...a little bizarre. Still, this is the woman who spent millions of dollars to levitate in the air for a video so she's kind of beyond criticism.

Rihanna's Sledgehammer
RiRi's round twos aren't going well this year. While ANTI was a knockout and her tour looks nothing short of phenomenal her collabs have done nothing to contribute to an excellent year. Her collab with Calvin Harris This Is What You Came For didn't measure up to the best song of all time We Found Love and the Sia written Sledgehammer, released this week, has nothing on the second best song of all time Diamonds. It's an incredibly over-dramatic song full of big, Sia hyperboles and it might suit the Star Trek movie but as a standalone track it misses the mark.

Justin Timberlake's BET Awards Tweet
Poor ol' Justin Timberlake. He's already had to turn his music beige to grab another hit (cc: Can't Stop The Feeling) and now he's cooped flack on Twitter for attempting to be sort of nice. He tweeted after Grey Anatomy actor Jesse Williams' stirring BET Awards speech "#inspired" which seems innocent enough. Except, Williams' speech focussed in part on cultural appropriation and Timberlake has been accused of that a number of times (his FutureSex/LoveSounds record has often been criticised for stealing Prince's sound). Twitter was already taking him to task over it but then he replied to a journalist who asked if he was going to "stop appropriating our music and culture" with an incredibly condescending tweet.

It's perplexing as to why he thought this was the best way to deal with it. He's since apologised but he's probably still dangling his legs off his high horse because he feels "misunderstood".

Fall Out Boy's Updated Ghostbusters Theme
This is just bizarre on so many levels. The new Ghostbusters is led by an all-female cast and yet they chose an ageing pop-punk band that is losing relevance by the day to cover the theme song? Props for adding Missy Elliott in but also shame on Missy Elliott for willingly inserting herself in the middle of this car crash. It's just very wrong, verging on unlistenable and 79,000 people on YouTube agree with me so I must be right.