Premiere: Majella Serves Up Two Juxtaposing Slices Of Soulful, Electro-Pop

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/14/2016


Brisbane artist Majella previously impressed us with his suave melding of the sex of rock n’ roll with the smoothness of electronica on his debut On & On. We're excited to be premiering two new songs from Majella today, his first since On & On, and they're both impeccable slices of electro-pop but in different lanes of their own.

The first is the bold, pulsating Heaven Sent which builds on a soundscape as loud as CHVRCHES but gives us vocals influenced by the masters of soul.

"If Justin Bieber and New Order came together to write a love song, I think Heaven Sent would come up sounding pretty close," Majella said about the track making an impossible, but strangely true comparison.

"It's about realising that true love comes from humbling yourself entirely".

The second is Surf Forever, a far more demure tune that's both woozy and R&B-leaning. It gives us the best chance to hear his voice in all its soulful glory. According to Majella, the track is "a meditation on forever."

"I was thinking about what it means to actually vow to be with someone forever - to me, that's the ultimate YOLO manoeuvre. I also love songs about water. After I writing the song I worked on making a beat that matched the waviness I think I did ok."

They're both taken from a forthcoming EP titled Ok, I'm Here which is due for release 26th July. They're also playing The Foundry in Brisbane on 27th July and supporting Slum Sociable at the same place on 25th August if you want to catch him live.