The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: The Avalanches, Kaytranada, Vic Mensa And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/03/2016

10songsJuneAn avalanche of great music that fell right in our laps this week...

10. Collarbones
The Cut

Aussie off-centre pop duo Collarbones are back with their first new single since 2012 and we can confirm that it is, indeed, a banger. It’s called The Cut and, as they told, it’s their attempt at making “a hit”.

It’s not really a hit in the traditional, mainstream sense of the word but it’s a bloody great song with a melody that fulfils all its duties as a pop song. The simple fact is, it’s far more interesting than a hit. It’s industrial, boisterous and abrasive which is exactly how we like our Collarbones songs.

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9. M.I.A.
Poc That Still A Ryda

Ok everyone, we are fast approaching M.I.A season. With news her next album is due to drop in July, M.I.A has graced us with some new material. If you managed to tune in to her Periscope Q&A, you would have heard the announcement of the imminent release of some new music. Holding to the promise, M.I.A has blessed us with a track titled POC THAT STILL A RYDA.

She describes POC THAT STILL A RYDA as “a mix of all the songs on my upcoming LP,” adding, “had to do a remix to let you know, i been poor, i been rich, i been brown, i been black, i seen white and i been around the world a few times ay ay ay ay. LOVE IS THE ANSWER what the question is i don’t fucking know.” - Harrison Kefford

8. Rationale

Rationale is an electronic artist from the UK who is gearing up for the release of his debut, self-titled album. Palms is taken from that and it amplifies all of his strengths. It's groovy, richly melodic and also centred around his vocals which sit somewhere between ANOHNI and James Blake. It's a little bit off-putting to listen to at first because it's so left-centre but eventually it begins to make sense. Stick with it.

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7. Marian Hill

Marian Hill is a US artist who is making some really delectable, quirky pop music combining experimental beats with an ethereal vocal. Mistaken is the latest track to be lifted from her forthcoming album ACT ONE and it's a minimal, spacious number that still manages to burst with personality. Chuck headphones on for this one because there are so many intricate sounds to get lost in throughout. ACT ONE is out 24th June.

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Lonely Walls (Feat. Paige IV)

Lonely Walls is the first cut we’ve heard from Thundamental's producer PON CHO and it’s a triumphant, rumbling tracks featuring the honey-soaked tones of Paige IV, the vocalist who we heard on LDRU’s Keeping Score. The track rolls up pop sensibilities with a TNGHT-esque abrasiveness which makes it both ready for the club and the radio.

5. Big Scary
Over Matter

Big Scary's Over Matter a six minute song so it’s a bit of an epic and it’s probably one of the most electronic and experimental songs that duo has ever given. It’s delicate at points and then ferocious at others growing steadily towards its gorgeous finale. In case you were wondering, there is, indeed, a sax somewhere in the mix. It's from their forthcoming album Animal out 2nd September.

4. Rihanna
Kiss It Better (Kaytranada Remix)

Kaytranada delivered a groovy, spacey Rihanna rework this week, recalling 99.9% album cut Lite Spots (the adorable video to which you can find here). Kaytra’s genius combines exceptionally well with Rihanna’s famous vocals to create a natural sound that could, so easily, be confused for the original track Rihanna might, or may, have intended to create. - James Schofield

3. Montaigne
Because I Love You

Because I Love You is a quirky, upbeat cut in the same vein as Allie X or even Tegan & Sara’s new stuff, but it makes perfect use of Montaigne’s effortless vocals and charisma, transforming her for alternative hopeful into a fully-fledged alt-popstar. She’s shown us her unbelievable vocal capabilities time and time again but here it feels like she’s giving us the less explored characteristics of her voice like her Kate Bush-chaneling higher register. That’s exactly where her personality oozes out and as such it’s just pouring out in Because I Love You. 

2. Vic Mensa
16 Shots

Rapper Vic Mensa announced this week a project titled There's A Lot Going On and now we know that it's due to drop sometime tonight. 16 Shots is taken from that record and it's an aggressive, politically charged cut which will most likely be the mood of the project in general. It's inspired by the death of 16-year-old LaQuan McDonald who died in the hands of Chicago Police. Mensa's angry and he's delivering some important, poignant bars on 16 Shots.

1. The Avalanches
Frankie Sinatra (Feat. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)

The unthinkable happened this week. The Avalanches announced their second album 16 years after the first and dropped the first single from the record Frankie Sinatra featuring Danny Brown and MF DOOM. It's a woozy, circus-flavoured track that even finds the space to fit in a sample from The Sound Of Music which is both bizarre and strangely appropriate. It's hard to say whether it was worth the wait or not, that's a personal judgement you have to make, but it's certainly an excellent track.

On working with Brown The Avalanches told Beats 1's Zane Lowe, “We thought he would never had heard of us and this was never gonna happen…we sent him the track and it started to turn out great."

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