Check Out Manila Killa’s Latest Tune ‘Youth’

ManilaKillaOne of Moving Castle’s finest, Manila Killa (one of the label four heads), has blessed us with some new material, dropping beautifully upbeat tune titled Youth.

Through the combination of some beautiful melodies and the crisp vocal work of Long Beach singer Satica, Youth feels and sounds like Manila Killa’s most solid work dude to date.

It feels like it was just yesterday we were mentioning Moving Castle’s street cred in the music game. For a label that lives and breathes the internet, Moving Castle’s approach to the music business symbolizes everything that is great about both electronic music, and the internet’s strong community of producers. Still relatively niche, maybe that’s Moving Castle’s secret. Perhaps their appeal and cool is related to its unwillingness to care what the rest of music is up to and just do ‘you’. Yes world, it’s always been cool to do ‘you’ and we here at The Interns are forever thankful for music collective’s such as Moving Castle.