Why Australia Needs A PC Music Showcase

Written By Zanda Wilson on 05/30/2016

Illustration by Bianca Bosso

PC Music is a genre of electronic music that has really taken off over the past few years, though its origins can be traced back much further. Additionally, to shoehorn PC Music as simply a genre would be to over-simply massively an operation that is also a music label run by A. G. Cook and an entire scene of appropriated or misappropriated (depending on how you look at it) fashion and culture.

For the uninitiated, PC Music at its base level is a type of poppy, cute, synthetic electro music – with influences from J-Pop and an internet-derived aesthetic. But it’s so much more than that. It’s key exponents like Hannah Diamond are often just as interested in things other than music. Diamond herself only really set out to get into fashion, but then music came with it. GFOTY has hosted cooking shows on PC Music's YouTube channel.

It’s not a sub-genre that can claim cult status anymore, with international publications including Pitchfork, Vice, Rolling Stone and even The Guardian running feature pieces – trying to dissect PC Music and discover its inner workings. Charli XCX's last EP Vroom Vroom was entirely produced by PC Music personality SOPHIE. Most of the singers feature on other producer’s tracks, and it wouldn’t surprise to learn that Danny L Harle and A. G. Cook have produced a lot of the exclusively female singer-songwriter group’s tracks.

But that’s the beauty of it all. It’s a collective of musicians contributing music to a SoundCloud and YouTube channel that isn’t defined by anything but a loose set of musical characteristics that tend to be but are not compulsorily shared by its artists. It’s not supposed to be analysed, although with all types of music that confuse and diverge from accepted conventions it inevitably has been. Whether PC Music takes itself seriously or whether it is, as dubbed by Fact Magazine ‘pure, contemptuous parody’, is entirely irrelevant to what it does, and what it does is challenge accepted ways of thinking.

Last weekend, PC Music put on an event in London called PC Music Presents Pop Cosmos – starring Danny L Harle, Hannah Diamond, GFOTY (Girlfriend Of The Year), A.G Cook, FELICITA, EasyFun and SPINEE.

Here are five reasons why A. G. Cook needs to hold his next Pop Cosmos in Australia.

Our Producers Are Already Playing PC Music At Gigs

Whether fans of Aussie electronic music know it or not, chances are they’ve already been listening to PC Music, or at least elements of it. The likes of Basenji, Sable, Wave Racer and Cosmo’s Midnight are known for playing artists from the label – or at least mixing their own tunes with others who are associated with the label in their live shows and recorded mixes. Sable has been known to throw in some EasyFun, while Cosmo’s Midnight have an affinity with Kero Kero Bonito – who while not officially part of the label have performed alongside PC Music artists at concerts like SXSW, and undoubtedly share similar characteristics in their music.

PC Music Is Starting To get More Radio Play In Australia

A pretty self-explanatory point – but nonetheless important, that radio stations (well mostly just FBi at this point) are starting to play PC Music as part of their regular rotation. Based off the fact that FBi are regularly spinning the likes of A. G. Cook, Danny L Harle, Kero Kero Bonito, SOPHIE and more, it’s surely then only a matter of time before more PC Music artists make their way onto more airwaves and into our ears. A Pop Cosmos down under wouldn’t hurt…

SOPHIE And QT Absolutely Killed It At Laneway Festival Earlier This Year

If there needed to be confirmation that PC Music would be well received in a live setting in Australia then SOPHIE and QT’s dual performance at Laneway Festival put any doubts to bed. QT’s single Hey QT has become something of a cult hit down under as well – becoming a staple of DJ sets at clubs and festivals alike since it came out in 2014. Plus, SOPHIE is coming back with Flume on his arena tour at the end of the year. Why not bring the whole PC Music crew while he's here?

There’s Already Been A Showcase In The USA

This is less of an objective point than a ‘hey, if America get’s one then we should get one too’ kind of thing. But seriously, why the US and not us? SXSW were treated to a five hour showcase not only featuring the usuals; A. G Cook, Harle, SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond and QT – but also cult favourite GFOTY, FELICITA, Spinee, Kane West, Lil Data and Easyfun. If PC Music can’t hold a gig down under than what bloody good is being part of the monarchy?

Danny L Harle Is Making Some Of The Best Electronic Music In The World At The Moment

How can you deny Australia the talent that is Danny L Harle. That’s not to say that the other artists on the label aren’t producing some incredible music, but Cook is doing a lot of producing for other artists and GFOTY is often busy doing typically weird shit like running an amazing Twitter feed and a GFOTY simulator for your phone. By focusing on his own music, Harle is leading the pack when it comes to volume of music created, and also he’s expanding into creating music that is a bit more accessible whilst still holding that classic PC Music charm. His video for Broken Flowers has almost a million views on YouTube.