Baro's New Jam 'wdubi' Is The Freshest Slice Of Aus Hip-Hop In A While

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/26/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Baro has dropped his first new track in over six months and it's well worth the wait. It's called wdubi and it's an energetic, soulful track that showcases just how good Baro is.

"I just love the sound of jazz," the teenage rapper told us when we spoke to him last year and that comes through so loudly on this new track. It's peppered with horns that make it sound like he's been in the studio with Chance The Rapper's The Social Experiment.

Instrumentally there's a lot going on but he expertly navigates all the sound with clever, unwavering verses that are also packed with charisma. Nasty Mars and Marcus, who are also on the track, do an equally excellent job.

This is exciting.