Saint Millie: "It's A Blessing To Come From Chicago"

Written By James Schofield on 05/18/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Amongst the flurry, and scrum, of major music releases on the 6th of May this year - buzzing Chicago rapper Saint Millie dropped his latest project, titled Adderall. Still yet to gain a big audience here in Australia, but slowly beginning to get traction abroad in the US, Saint Millie is successfully managing to distinguish himself from the rest of the Chicago hip-hop scene with a unique take on the singing and rapping blend. Approachable and accessible, as both an artist and a man, I got a chance to ask Saint Millie a few quick questions about the latest release, and what's to come in the future.

J: So Adderall is dope, how do you feel about the project now that it's out?
S: I feel great about it, me and my team worked hard on it. [And] I just had a great release show here in my home town at Double Door with Brenmar and slinx. [So] everything's great.

J: There seems like there's a really wide range of influences in your sound, can you talk a little about what you were listening to and what influences you had while making Adderall?
S: I was listening to pretty much everything - from house music, to down south trap music, to The Weeknd, James Blake, anything and everything under the sun.

J: Your sound is particularly unique for the Chicago hip-hop scene, is that a deliberate move on your part to separate yourself from the city's sound?
S: Most definitely. As an artist I wanted to make sure it shows that I'm different. I wanted the music to be positive and [to] carry a fun vibe. I'd rather be the life of the party, I want people to have fun, and women to dance, without worrying about the party getting shut down - or shot up.

J: Speaking of Chicago, I'm curious to know your feelings on the hip-hop scene in the City right now, given its pretty storied history?
S: I love it, it's a blessing to come from Chicago. I know a lot of cats on the scene, [so] it's a lot of love here. And it feels like if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

J: That Sir Michael Rocks feature (on 'No Heauxs', track 4 of Adderall) is pretty awesome, how did you hook that up? How closely have you been working with him?
S: The Mikey Rocks feature happened because of my brother Mano, who is an amazing songwriter and producer [and] who just recently won a couple of Grammys for 'The Hills' by The Weeknd. I had got the beat from Csick, and sent it to Mano because I didn't like what I was coming up with. And then Mano laid his verse, and the hook. I laid my verse, and I told Mano "man, we really got a hit on our hands". So he sent it to Mikey Rocks, and he laced it with the third verse.

J: Adderall came out on a pretty huge day for music, I'm curious to know how you feel about sharing your release date with big music names like Skepta and James Blake?
S: It's a honour! I appreciate the people that support my music, I'm a fan of Skepta's work, as well as James Blake, so it all seems fitting to drop on such a great day, and week, for music. I feel like my music belongs in the same arena, and in due time it will show.

J: What are you listening to right now? Are there any new influences on your sound?
S: I listen to a lot of older music, I study a lot, so I'm always digging in crates and listening to the stuff my parents, and my homie's parents, grew up on for the soul and the lyrics.

J: What can we expect next from Saint Millie? Are there any surprises for us in the pipeline?
S: ADDERALL 2 ....

J: Any plans to come out and hit Australian shores any time soon?
S: I'm hoping to be out there this summer for tour!!

Saint Millie can be found on Twitter @SaintMillie773

A petition to save the Chicago’s music venue ‘Double Door’ can be found here.