Here's Everything You Missed At Coachella 2016 Weekend Two

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/24/2016

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We're out here at Coachella copping a face full of dust and an ear full of great music, watching some of the finest international acts around right now tear up one of the most notorious festival stages in the world.

The Coachella streams are great but just in case you need a little bit more to heighten that FOMO, here's everything you're missing. Following theinterns on Snapchat will also help:

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The Prince Tributes
Given the devastating news this week that Prince had passed away, Coachella was always going to be full of tributes and day one didn't disappoint. French singer Christine & The Queens performed an expertly choreographed rendition of I Feel For You, Sufjan Stevens teamed up with Gallant for an emotional rendition of Purple Rain and Ellie Goulding performed a strip-backed verse of When Doves Cry.

Two of the most stirring tributes came from acts later in the night starting with Jack Ü's spin of I Wanna Be Your Lover. It was preceded by Prince's "dearly beloved" prelude giving every single person in one of the largest crowds of the day goosebumps as they all held their phone lights in the air. That was immediately followed by LCD Soundsystem who launched into Controversey early in the set. It was a joyous, funky cover that lifted spirits as we celebrated his life rather than mourned it. The bredth of songs covered was proof that Prince has one of the richest back catalogues of any artists and will live on for a long time to come admired.

Christine & The Queens' Supremely Executed Set
Christine & The Queens is a French, gender-questioning popstar who is only just gaining recognition stateside and it's so easy to see why. Her mid-afternoon set was one of the best of the day because it was helmed by a performer who is ambitious, humorous and talented. Beginning with IT, her voice boomed through the room and just when you thought she'd used every trick she could she pulled out choreography with men dressed the same as her. Even the theatricality of the whole thing felt honest because she's so committed in delivering her vision. That reached its peak when she brought out a bunch of flowers for Prince and us, dropping each flower one-by-one as she sang, "how could you be so heartless?".

Gallant's Unbelievable Voice
Gallant's debut album Ology is impressive but it's nothing compared to hearing that voice live. His falsetto is second to none while his set was almost impossible to critique. With a voice that can scale heights that big-voiced artistsg like Sam Smith couldn't it's hard to believe he's not already bigger.

He stepped up later on during Sufjan Stevens set to cover Purple Rain giving Prince the best vocal treatment of the weekend so far.

M83's Space Travelling Set
We're not far off M83's visit to Australia in support of his new album Junk and if his Coachella set is anything to go off we're in for something really special. He took to the mainstage as it went dark to bring a hypnotising set of lights and sound to the table. He made perfect use of Coachella's unbelievable stage-surrounding screens to play a set that relied heavily on Junk songs. New songs Do It, Try It and Go were excellent but Midnight Cities howling synth-line expectedly stole the show, thanks to thousands of voices singing it back at him.

Ellie Goulding's Banger-Filled Set
Ellie Goulding is one of the greatest pop festival acts around right now. Without many bells and whistles, she's got a catalogue strong enough to incite mass singalongs, put fists in the air and make everyone swoon. She came out onto the mainstage before LCD Soundsystem looking like a fighter ready to combat the daunting and often swallowing Coachella stage. Calvin Harris features I Need Your Love and Outside were the sets most lively moments but Anything Can Happen matched the mood of the festival perfectly. Closer Love Me Like You Do had everyone singing and for a moment we almost forgot that it soundtracked 50 Shades Of Grey. All of her songs would be nothing though if she weren't at the front. She's charasmatic without being over the top and has a voice that's both powerful and texturally rich.

Jack Ü's Formulaic But Perfect EDM Set
Diplo and Skrillex are two pioneers of modern dance music so it's no surprise that their Coachella set controlled the crowd like they were puppets on a string. They gave us the hook of every song and then assaulted us with a drop. It was almost painfully generic but their gigantic crowd proved this is what people want. They actually delivered their own formula so well that it was hard to deny that they're genius of the genres. From the sparkling perfection of Where Are Ü Now to the AlunaGeorge-led To Ü they gave us everything we wanted and that's all you can really ask for.

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LCD Soundsystem's Triumphant Return
LCD Soundsystem received a great report card for last week's reunion show so it was surprising that the crowd gathered around the mainstage wasn't larger. It may have been a smaller crowd than Calvin Harris will inevitably draw on the last night but they were a committed one and that's all that really matters in the end. They performed a career-spanning set covering all three albums off and it was great to see a group of musicians who were pleased to be in eachother's company once again. Occasionally a usually poker-faced Nancy Whang would look over at James Murphy and smile proving this was more than just a money-grab reunion.

Someone Great was beautifully heartfelt, I Can Change was groovy while Losing My Edge reminded us how much we love Murphy's deadpan humour. The fine three songs though were the sets finest beginning with Dnce Yourself Clean. The This Is Happening highlight is an understated classic and was treated as such by the crowd. They then covered David Bowie's Heroes which sounded like it was written for them in the beginning before bringing the twinkling keys of All My Friends to a beautiful Coachella twilight.


More Prince Tributes
The Prince tributes just continue here at Coachella unsurprisingly showing further Prince's undeniable influence on nearly every musician playing the festival. Ice Cube gave a shout out to Prince on the main stage dedicating his whole performance to the master while Disclosure also brought some Prince to the main stage with a short rendition of Purple Rain.

RL Grime began his packed-out set in the Sahara tent with Prince's words "dearly beloved" echoing around the dome while the stage was lit in purple. It doesn't matter what genre the artist is from, they've all been influenced by Prince in some way and as such it feels as though there's a little bit of him in each performance here.

Surprises And More Surprises
Coachella is known for its surprises and yesterday the main stage brought it. Run The Jewels brought on Travis Barker, Big Boi and Boots but that was even blown out of the water for Ice Cube's star-studded set. He was joined by The Game before reuniting N.W.A. this time with Dr. Dre who didn't make it to last weekend. As if that wasn't already enough, Kendrick Lamar joined him for a stirring run through Alright.

Disclosure's sets are built off surprise guests and while there was no Lorde or Sam Smith, there was Lion Babe, Kwabs and AlunaGeorge all there to add vocals. Big props to Aluna who ran from her set at the Sahara tent to make the main stage in less than 10 minutes.

Run The Jewels' Ascent To Rap Royalty
Run The Jewels played Coachella last year in a tent so it was amazing to see them take on the main stage a year later without having even released an album. The chemistry between El-P and Killer Mike is second to none and a huge part of what makes them so enjoyable to watch. They played a new song off Run The Jewels 3 which sounded a little more electronic than their previous offerings and also brought DJ Shadow on for their new tune with the producer Run For Your Life. If anything though, it was more a victory-lap celebrating larger crowds and a heightened ambition.

CHVRCHES' Pristine Main Stage Set
If CHVRCHES' Laneway Festival performances proved anything this year, it's that they're one of the crispest sounding live bands around right now and that was only amplified at Coachella. They took a mid-afternoon slot on the main stage and brought rumbling bass and crystal clear vocals to a crowd of thousands. Lauren Mayberry's chat was on point as per usual at one point saying "I really hope you don't vote for that guy," referring to Donald Trump.

Disclosure's A-Little-Too-Perfect Set
Like CHVRCHES, Disclosure are one of the cleanest live acts around but that works more to their disadvantage than their advantage. Their main stage set was visually brilliant and peppered with some of the finest dance pop tracks of the last decade but sometimes it felt a little monotonous. It's as if they're on cruise control filling in the same beat with different melodies. Still, it's pretty hard to deny the impact of tunes like Latch and When A Fire Starts To Burn.

FullSizeRender (2)Grimes' Set That She Doesn't Remember
Grimes instagrammed after her Coachella set saying that she'd hit her head half way through and doesn't remember the second half. It didn't seem to matter one bit though because memory or no memory she gave the most interesting performance of the day pairing pop stylings with her own Mad Max-styled world. The music bounced between the melodic pop of Flesh Without Blood to the pulsating electronica of Venus Fly. Oblivion was sparse and beautiful but closer Kill V. Maim won the day. It was one of the wackiest pop songs released last year and was every bit as crazy live.

RL Grime's Packed Closing Set
It was impossible to move event 15 minutes before RL Grime's closing set at the Sahara stage and that was despite competing with Guns N' Roses on the main stage. Beginning with the howling synths of Aurora, the set just got better and better at times feeling like the room was going to combust with energy. RL's set design was incredible too with his platform rising above the crowd surrounded by neon lights. It was just a shame we couldn't move around as much as RL could.

Ridiculous Fashion
Coachella is known for its fashion and while flower crowns seem to be out this year, there's plenty more to marvel at. The biggest trend seems to be swimsuits accompanied by nothing than a bindi which is a great way of combatting the heat but not the best look in the middle of the desert. We also spotted an Indian headdress which seems impossible to believe given the press about leaving the damn thing at home, or not even buying one in the first place.

rainbow braids ?

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Anderson .Paak's Festival-Highlight Set

Anderson .Paak is one of the best live performer in the world right now so it came as no surprise when his Coachella set was brilliant. He moved through tracks from his 2016 album Malibu with confidence bringing his rich tones to organic, bluesy beats. He's at his most vivacious when he's behind the drum kit and as such his freestyle outro of Carry Me was one of the best moments of the festival full stop. He was joined by Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar at one stage and still managed to make the performance all about himself. Perfect.

Sia's Piece Of Art
Sia hasn't been on stage in a long time. In fact she hasn't played an Aussie festival since 2011. Since then she's become a bonafide hitmaker and artist in her own right, bringing her own enigmatic flair to the pop world. Sia's set at Coachella may have been soundtracked by all her own songs but it was about so much more. Led by her regular dancer Maddie Ziegler, she took us on a moving journey through fear and freedom tranforming the festival stage in ways it had never seen before. It was utterly captivating, challenging the idea that pop should focus all eyes on the singer. Of course the songs were banging too. Chandelier provided arguably the best singalong of the festival.

Calvin Harris' Fun But Standard Headline Set
When you drive into Coachella and around LA there are dozens of billboards promoting Calvin Harris' sometimes weekly sets. It's perplexing, with that in mind, as to why the festival booked him. Coachella is known for providing headliners you see at the festival before seeing them everywhere else. Calvin is not that. He's also the festival's first EDM headliner which ruffled feathers but drew a massive crowd (the biggest of the weekend).

His crowds are far too big for him not to headline so the choice for Coachella is let him headline or don't book him at all. In that way Harris headlining makes sense but it just wasn't all that exciting.

It way a pretty standard Harris set with a few added fireworks and flames plus an appearance from Big Sean. Apart from that he ran through his own tracks with abrasive drops and singalong choruses.

To be honest, it was a heap of fun but it was just too standard to justify a headline slot. Tracks like We Found Love and Outside are the golden nuggets of the EDM pop revolution but his foray into Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim at the end was lazy and similar to what you'd find in any club in the centre of town.