A Chinwag With Australian Icon Shannon Noll

Written By Rei Barker on 03/23/2016


When Shannon Noll came runner-up of Australian Idol to Guy Sebastian in 2003, he probably didn't expect a lot of things. He wouldn't have expected to have the highest selling single of 2004 with What About Me and he definitely wouldn't have expected that more than a decade later he would make a resurgence on the internet, spreading the Nollsy love to a whole new generation.

Australian Idol is now nostalgic for most that grew up watching Channel Ten in the early 00s. While conversation about the original and best talent show subsided when it was eclipsed by The Voice and X Factor, it reared its head once again last year when Guy Sebastian competed in Eurovision for Australia. Guy's presence begged the question, "What about Shannon?" Well, there's no need to worry about Shannon anymore. The internet has once again made him the Aussie icon he was always destined to be and now there are petitions for him to play basically every major music festival in the country.

We had a chinwag with Shannon about how he's dealing with the extra attention, what he thinks of the memes and what his advice for the young is.

On the memes:
There's some bloody really clever ones in there to be honest with you. I get a little chuckle out of them. Obviously there are ones that aren't very flattering but, mate, you take the good with the bad. Some of those good ones are bloody, you know, they should get on the marketing team they're so good. They're pretty funny mate, I don't worry too much about it.

On the memes introducing him to a younger fanbase:
It's definitely built my awareness of a younger fanbase. I've been doing shows at the moment and they're all uni students so I think a lot of it has come from that. There's also, I've notice over the past few years, a whole bunch of young blokes who are just super mad fans. I think with the memes and the petitions, it's brought a lot of them together. That's how I look at it anyway. It's been terrific though.

On being robbed in front of thousands of people in 2003:
There's nothing negative about that, it's pretty funny and supportive of me. I think it's terrific, I get a really good laugh out of it most of the time.

Image: Shannon Noll was robbed of winning hit TV show Australian Idol 2003

Image: Shannon Noll was robbed of winning hit TV show Australian Idol 2003

On when he noticed he'd become an internet sensation:

Only a couple of months ago mate. I think I got a call from my manager. Something had been posted on my Facebook. I'm pretty hopeless with all that mate, y'know what I mean. He got in touch with them and they said, "oh, no we don't mean to upset him we're huge fans". That's when I first became aware of it.

On WOLO and being dropped from Universal:
Yeah that's a standalone single that one. It didn't get the backing that we would've liked and then obviously I didn't follow it up with an album. That one stood out by itself.

On new material:
I'm hoping early second half of the year. At the very latest I'm thinking September.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Shannon's advice for the youth:
Be proud of who you are and where you come from. We live in the most beautiful country in the world I reckon and the quality of life and the way things are here, it's magnificent. Be happy with what we got and be proud of the place we come from. 

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