The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: ZAYN, M83, Craig David And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/18/2016


Otherwise known as 10 songs that are better than Lukas Graham's 7 Years...

10. Blonde
Nothing Like Us (Feat. Craig David)

The Craig David comeback is in full swing, have you heard? After tunes with Katy B and Big Narstie, he's teamed up with UK dance act Blonde for a soulful deep-house/garage crossover. The verses are proper David, operating in the world of garage while the chorus is better suited to the deep house stylings of Blonde. It's a bit of a different turn for the Brit legend but it's great nonetheless and will no doubt flood the clubs very soon.

9. Young Franco
Drop Your Love (Feat. Dirty Radio)

Brisbane producer Young Franco generally punches out some pretty smooth tracks but his latest effort really takes things up a notch. Featuring the uber slick vocals of DiRTY RADiO, you’ll love how chilled and funky this one is that you’ll be wanting to Drop Your Love and get on this latest tune as soon as possible. - Zanda Wilson

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8. PJ

There are a bunch of songwriters around at the moment, like Bibi Bourelly and Kirby, who have worked with big names and are now carving a name for themselves. PJ is one of those. She's written for Meek Mill and Wiz Khalifa but she's also making her own excellent jams and Gangster is the latest. It's a raw, rock-fused track about wanting to ditch the life of being the nice guy. It's a honest track with a great no-frills melody and that's a deeply refreshing thing to hear. Also the cover art is A+.

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7. All Saints
One Woman Army

While it was a great track, All Saints' comeback tune One Strike underwhelmed a bit so now they're back with a much more hearty track. One Woman Army is a stomping ballad with a chorus that soars into the stratosphere. All Saints' biggest drawcard has always been their flawless harmonies and they're out in full force here. It's probably not the radio hit they need at this point but it's really strong cut that plays to their strengths. Better yet, it proves that All Saints still have a place in the pop world.


“I’m sorry for all the shit I’ve done,” Danish Teens Liss sing on the first single Sorry off their forthcoming EP First, but surely they have no need to be sorry for this track. The XL Records-signees are making subtly experimental, soulful tunes with a DIY charm and Sorry is a career highlight so far. The vocal is raw and profound while carving out a melody that is beautiful with a healthy dose of melancholy.

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5. Remi
For Good (Feat. Sampa The Great)

Remi is back and prepping for the release of his sophomore album Divas & Demons. For Good is the first cut to be taken from the record and he's very cleverly recruited Sampa The Great for the groovy track. It's built around that classic groove that featured on highlights like XTC Party and as such Remi sounds right at home. He's relaxed spitting charismatically over the organic beat peppered with Sampa's soulful inclusions.

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4. Thomston And Wafia
Window Seat

Thomston and Wafia are a match made in heaven on Window Seat, both complimenting each other with their gentle, honey-soaked vocals. This is a duet in every sense of the word with Wafia taking the first verse and Thomston taking the second before they both meet in the middle on the chorus. It’s full of moody, textured beats and gorgeous harmonies that’ll melt your heart immediately.

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3. M83

M83's Solitude is more of a ballad than a banger, combining a slow tempo with brooding strings and melancholic vocals. What it lacks in dance-worthiness it makes up for in emotion, flourishing into a beautiful guitar solo straight outta the ’80s. It goes for eight minutes and in true M83 style it’s grandiose.


We were getting worried there for a minute when ZAYN delivered the subpar Like I Would but it feels like he's back in his zone on BeFoUr. It's a midnight-born R&B track that showcases his voice in the best environment. He zips into his falsetto with ease and harmonises with himself in the chorus, showing that he has so much more to give as a vocalist than what he showcased in One Direction. The hook on this is super strong and makes us excited once more for his debut album Mind Of Mine, out next Friday.

1. Mura Masa
What If I Go?

The last time we heard from budding British producer Mura Masa he was breaking hearts with Shura on Love For That and now he’s back with a funkier cut What If I Go?

What If I Go? sees him team-up with fellow British newcomer Bonzai (both are part of our Future Class Of 2016) for a track that’s both heartwarming and dance floor centred. Bonzai’s beautifully soulful vocals flutter over a stirring Mura Masa instrumental complete. Basically, it’s just more proof that these guys are going to be the face of innovative electronic music in 2016.

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