Newbies: 7 New Songs By New Artists For Those Looking To Get Groovy

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/16/2016

Groove Masters

Newbies is a bi-weekly interns series which will look at uncovering some names that you might not of heard yet. Each of these artists are starting out but have delivered tunes that are good enough to compete with the big guns. For each instalment we’ll be looking into a different genre from sugary electronica to auto-tuned hip-hop.

For this round, we're looking at new artists who are injecting their with an undeniable groove. Whether it be hip-hop, pop or R&B each of these artists are laying down a little something that'll make you want to get up and shimmy or at least tap a toe under the desk.


Dutch producer/musician Mitchel van Dinther AKA. Jameszoo is gearing up to release his debut LP Fool for Brainfeeder which is the label responsible for some of the most genre-bending electronica from Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington and Lapalux. Like Wash
ington, Dinther takes cues from jazz, fusing electronica with “computer jazz” as he calls it.
Flake establishes and effortless groove without ever trying too hard. It’ll wash over you but there’s also something addictive that will keep you coming back. Cop the album when it drops on 13th May.


We don’t have much information on Seramic other than they’ve released two brilliant tunes over the past two months each laden with funky grooves and soulful vocals. Waiting is the latest and it’s a charismatic, colourful jam from the same ilk as a band like Jungle with a little more gusto in the instrumental. People are Soundcloud are begging to hear more and also to know who these mysterious groovers are so hopefully we’ll have something else to rave about soon.

Need To Hear

Goldwash is a Baltimore producer making tunes that could easily flood from the speakers of main stages at festivals but they’re a little more intricate than your cut/paste EDM. Need To Hear is a beautifully intricate tune pairing soulful falsetto with bubbling beats and rushing, aquatic synths. The drops won’t assault your ears but they’ll take them on a delectable journey that encourages grooving more than fist-pumping. If this is the direction dance music is going in then that’s more than ok with us.

Little Earthquake

Little Earthquake are two brothers Matthew and Justin Hyland from the Central Coast who are making lo-fi, soulful tunes with choruses that’ll weave their way into your head on first listen. This tune Honest was produced by Empire Of The Sun’s Nick Littlemore which is appropriate given that they are the masters of finding pop tunes in weird and woozy places. It’s a sign of special things to come and proves that pop doesn’t always have to be clean.


If you’re an unknown band, you probably don’t expect to grab 20,000 plus plays on Soundcloud on your debut tune but that’s exactly what WEIRDO have done. They dropped BUTTER with the hashtag Who The Fuck Are WEIRDO? and that’s exactly what we’re asking after hearing this near-perfect ear worm. BUTTER is a colourful, low-key pop cut with an effortless groove running through it’s core. It’s kitsch but that’s what’s loveable about it from the xylophone solo to the hallmark line, “like butter running through my fingers all you do is ruin my clothes”.

Solo Woods

Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat really re-designed modern funk in hip-hop and Brookyln artist Solo Woods is one of many trading currently in a similar sounds. There actually haven’t been many who have been able to do it well but Woods is one worth taking note of. He’s been dropping tunes very sporadically on Soundcloud for the last three years but it’s obviously about quality not quanitity for him. H20 is a deeply melodic tune that sees Woods lay back in the beat and let the music lead the way. The wonky bass is the anchor of the instrumental but Woods’ clean falsetto makes it float above the earth.

Stefan Ponce
Drive In (Feat. theMind + Julian Bell)

Stefan Ponce isn’t really a newbie when you look at his production credits. He’s delivered beats for Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino and Vic Mensa but he’s, for the most part, been in the background. He is gearing up to step into the spotlight though, readying his debut album with first single Drive In. Drive In is an infectious slice of funk with its feet planted on the dancefloor.