The 11 Best Songs Of The Week: ZAYN, Tourist, ANOHNI And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/11/2016


In case you've been too busy at work work work work work this week, cut the crap and catch-up with the best...

11. ZAYN

ZAYN's Mind Of Mine is out 25th March and it's been an extremely varied project so far. We had the dark pop of Pillowtalk, the tender R&B of It's You and now we have a dance tune Like I Would. Like I Would is one of the bonus tracks off the album but it's still quality. ZAYN's voice is out in full swing hear soaring through the verses and then piercing through the '80s-tinged chorus. Tbh, it's not going to change the face of music forever but it's a good track.

10. Kilter
Fool For You (Feat. Mitch Jay)

Fool For You is perhaps Kilter's best and most polished work to date, with the ever-improving producer creating an understated banger featuring the gorgeous vocals of Micah Jay. If the rest of the original tracks the Sydney producer is working on are cut from the same cloth, it’s going to be a killer rest of 2016 for Kilter. - Zanda Wilson

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9. Darkstar & Empress Of

This is exactly what should happen when you put two brooding artists together. Duo Darkstar have teamed up with Empress Of and together they have used their penchant for darkness to create something utterly haunting. Empress Of's voice levitates above a swirling, atmospheric beat that makes just enough space for a melody that you can grip onto. The track flatlines but in a beautiful, restrained way. There's a new Darkstar EP on the way so keep an ear out for that one.

8. Hoodlem

We kind of went a bit nuts over Melbourne duo Hoodlem's last track Kintsugi and we're just going to do it all over again with their new cut 4Real. 4Real, taken from their debut EP out soon, marries together electronica and R&B with delicate intricacies that make it an endless discovery for the ears. Even without delving too far into the track, it's a sizzler with a sensual melody and dance-worthy beat.

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7. Yuma X
You Said

Electro-duo Yuma X came to our attention with their huge 2015 release Swimming Pool. Now just over a month our from their biggest show to date, at the Metro supporting electronic super-giants Odesza, they’ve released a massive new track You Said. Expect huge things from these guys for the back end of 2016. - Zanda Wilson

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6. Kill J

Danish artist Kill J is the hardest and darkest popstar going around right now and her new track Coda may be the most fascinating yet. Coda is off her new EP Quasi and it's a alarming, attitude-filled track with not one shred of politeness. "I'm the realest fucking thing you'll ever hate," she sings on the track in one of the most well-placed lyrics you're likely to hear this year. It's hard to imagine Kill J will do anything but continue to rise in popularity this year.

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5. Seramic

So to be honest we have absolutely no idea who Seramic are but it seems nobody else does either. They have been booked for a number of European festivals but beyond that we have no photos or names and that's great because it means we can turn our attention to the music. Waiting is an ear worm in every sense of the word - it's bold, dense and effortlessly groovy. It's the kind of track that will sweep you away straight away and that's exactly the kind of track a new artist needs. That soulful voice is an absolute corker as well.

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4. Olympia
Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals may be Olympia's strongest track yet. Accompanied by a lo-fi, Blondie-like video, the track is a melodic yet distorted piece of indie-rock. “Smoke Signals is about someone’s internal and unseen chaos, inspired in part by Japanese reality TV show Sweepstakes Life,” Olympia says of the song.

“A contestant (Nasabi) was locked naked in an apartment stocked only with Sweepstakes magazines. Millions tuned in daily to watch his declining mental state and increasingly emaciated frame.”

It’s an interesting reference point but such is the intricate mind of Olympia. The best part is she’s able to take those complex ideas and condense them into shimmering tracks that connect on a wider-level.

3. Kiiara
Feels (Jai Wolf Remix)

In our opinion Kiiara‘s Feels was perfect just the way it was but Jai Wolf has proved us wrong, delivering a remix that hits right at the heart. The Moving Castle producer has taken the song into another realm with pitch manipulation and rushing synths while still keeping Kiiara’s beautiful melody intact. You almost expect to be dealt a Justin Bieber Sorry-esque drop but instead of trading in the predictable, Wolf offers up a heavy-beated, Porter Robinson-tinged soundscape that gives the song an incredible depth and power.

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Drone Bomb Me

You should never really expect anything less than powerful when dipping into an ANOHNI song but this latest Drone Bomb Me is something else. It’s written from the perspective of a little girl whose family has been killed in a drone strike carried out by the US government. The song is striking and brooding featuring one of her most powerful vocals to date. It’s also accompanied by a phenomenal clip starring a teary Naomi Campbell which is also phenomenally powerful. The track is a great example of the affect of mixing a singer/songwriter’s lyricism with strong electronica.

1. Tourist

Like Orbital or even Jamie xx, Tourist has the ability to make songs without words that are so full of emotion. This one starts of beautifully sparse before escalating into pulsating bass that’ll make your heart beat alongside. It’s an achingly beautiful track as well as being completely danceable which is a pretty difficult thing to pull off. We could not be yearning for this album more right now.

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