Jai Wolf’s Remix Of Kiiara’s ‘Feels’ Will Give You All The Feels

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/09/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

In our opinion Kiiara‘s Feels was perfect just the way it was but Jai Wolf has proved us wrong, delivering a remix that hits right at the heart. The Moving Castle producer has taken the song into another realm with pitch manipulation and rushing synths while still keeping Kiiara’s beautiful melody intact.

You almost expect to be dealt a Justin Bieber Sorry-esque drop but instead of trading in the predictable, Wolf offers up a heavy-beated, Porter Robinson-tinged soundscape that gives the song an incredible depth and power.

Quite simply, this is a slam-dunk right into our hearts.

Kiiara is in our Future Class Of 2016. Read more here.