Hot Or Not? Kendrick Lamar, Britney Spears, CDs And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/09/2016

Our bi-weekly investigation of what we’re digging and what we want to bury…


Kendrick Lamar
K. Dot surprised us on Friday with a collection of off-cuts from To Pimp A Butterfly. For most artist's a collection like this is cool for hardcore fans but hardly worth releasing. But when you're than man responsible for 2015's best record, your off-cuts sounds like everyone's A-cuts. This is a genuinely tight, poignant and powerful effort that would pass as an album for most artists. We're so lucky that we're living at the same time as King Kendrick.

Britney Spears
It's been a little while since Britney was relevant but last week she did a few things that really put our radar back on Brit. First, she teased her ninth album as a record that sounds a little bit like The Weeknd which could be a total disaster but could also be really cool. The reason being in 2008 Brit popped a song on her Circus record called Unusual You. It was dark, haunting and, well, unusual but she hasn't really been able to deliver anything as interesting since. Here's hoping this new record is a little experimental.

The other reason, we're really into Brit right now is because she said last week that she's just not that into the internet. For most people the internet is an integral part of their life and thus a means to making money but when you're a huge popstar you can afford to just not be that into it. She told V Magazine, "it’s really not for me. It’s not my thing." I guess, she's not streaming her new album then?

Years & Years' Desire Video
Years & Years' Olly Alexander really doesn't get enough credit for what he's doing for the LBQTI community. On their excellent debut album Communion he made a conscious effort to sing about "he" and has since spoken very openly about the need for more gay popstars which, believe it or not, is a difficult thing to do when you're a very new name in the public eye. The group has now dropped a video for a new version of Desire featuring Tove Lo that celebrates sexuality and sex of all kinds. "Gay people have sex, and it’s not just gay people, it’s all kinds of people," Alexander said in an open letter about the video.

"All these non-straight people, they’re out there, having sex! Sex, between two consenting adults, can be a healthy, positive, safe and enjoyable thing!"

Kim Kardashian
Oh Kimmy K was on fire on Twitter yesterday. Taking a page from the Yeezy book of Twitter, she took aim at a number of people who made jokes or shamed her for her naked selfie. First she told Piers Morgan, "never offer to buy a married woman clothes. thats on some ashley madison type shit," then she asked Bette Midler to send "nudes". Then, while her Twitter fingers were still burning she took aim at actress Chloe Moretz, welcoming her to Twitter and telling her, "your nylon cover is cute boo." Unsurprisingly people thought that Kanye got a hold of her Twitter but she clarified saying, "I swear I'm funny too!!!"

Illustration by Bianca Bosso.

Illustration by Bianca Bosso.


Azealia Banks Quitting Twitter
Her Twitter has just disappeared off the face of the earth leaving us with no authoritative source to go to for comment when Igloo Australia drops her new single Team. Come back soon Banks - you're an out of control garden hose most of the time but when the spray is fired in the right direction it's highly entertaining.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.04.19 amThe Sexist Pigs On The triple j Facebook Page
Days like International Women's Day can make you feel really good about the world. There was so much to celebrate, so much discuss and also plenty to remind us how much work still has to be done to achieve gender equality. We're lucky that our feeds were full of people recognising the amazing work of their female peers but there's still a disgusting amount of sexism breeding in other pockets of social media. triple j did an amazing job yesterday with an all-female lineup of broadcasters but that didn't stop people taking to Facebook to basically say some really dumb shit. One guy actually wrote, "Can't wait when the blokes get the same opportunity to be front and center on triple J for the whole day." Thankfully it was mostly met with disgust but there were a few people who defended this guy's (his name was Kent, but everyone knows the second letter should really be a "U") right to exercise "free speech". This is why we need days like International Women's Day because some men feel that their right to exercise their "free speech" trumps a women's right to enjoy the exact same rights as men. That's something which is taken away time and time again by bell-ends like this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.11.26 am copyCDs
Kanye West has declared that CDs are officially dead. Apparently Yeezus was an open casket to the CD, so there you go. All those So Fresh CDs you treasured when you were 10, bury them. It's over guys. But it's not all bad news though. You know what's just as great as collecting CDs? A Tidal subscription!

We love Disclosure, we do, but it has to be said: their remix of Flume's Never Be Like You was just, well, a bit shit. Flume's remix of Disclosure's You & Me became a staple of all his live sets but it doesn't look like Disclosure will be adding this one. It's like they had the beat and just inserted a few acapella bits over the top and cleaned their hands of it.

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