Charli XCX Starts Label, Announces EP, Drops New Songs, Is The Busiest Person On Earth

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/24/2016


It’s going to be a massive year for Charli XCX. She’s just announced that she’s started her own label Vroom Vroom records and will be kicking it off with the release of her own EP featuring SOPHIE and Hannah Diamond. We heard Vroom Vroom when she premiered it on Beats 1 last year but now we finally have the proper studio version plus a new song Trophy. Trophy was premiered on Beats 1 and is another delicious slice of PC Music-esque pop. There’s a reason for all this Beats 1 love too, she’s starting her own show called The Candy Shop.

It doesn’t end there though. XCX has also signed two artists to the label, RIVRS and CuckooLander, and has released music by them as well. Describing the new venture, XCX described it as an “experimental pop label.”

“The artists coming up through it will be sharp, potent, deadly, and ultimately, will leave their mark on pop music,” she said in a press release.

On top of all of this (yes, there’s more!) she’s working on a new album, the follow-up to 2014’s Sucker. It’s just casually going to change the face of pop music for ever which is exciting.

“The album goes to other places and I can’t wait for people to hear it,” she continued in the press release.

“I feel the most creative I have in a long time and I couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter.”

Someone send the girl a strong coffee and a Berocca, she’s going to need the energy.