Meet Smerz And Their Twisted Brand Of Woozy Pop

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/23/2016


Sometimes the best first impression to new music is confusion. When you can’t quite get your head around it, that usually means that it’s something new and that’s exactly the feeling you’ll have when listening to Norwegian duo Smerz for the first time. Last year Henrietta and Catharina shared with us their debut song Move – a distorted, R&B-centred tune that pricked up some ears but was for the most part criminally ignored.

Now they have followed it up with Because, leaving behind any trace of R&B and taking us straight to the dancefloor. They have kept the distortion but brought us deeper bass, pumping the chest while dizzying the head. Chopped and screwed vocals swirl in the background while a delectable melody runs overtop. It has all the elements of a straightforward dance tune but they have played with the production masterfully creating something that’s off-kilter but deeply intriguing.

They have also dropped a video for the tune which encapsulates the uneasiness that the song creates. They ever-so-subtly stare at the camera, watching you but at the same time completely vacant. There’s something really interesting about these two, something that’s impossible to move past and that’s why we’re so excited about them.