Here's A Full Version Of Kanye's 'Wolves' Featuring Vic Mensa, Sia And Frank Ocean

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/18/2016

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When Kanye West debuted Wolves at his Yeezy Season 1 launch last year it featured Vic Mensa and Sia but when the album dropped last week they were nowhere to be seen. Instead, a Frank Ocean verse had been added to the end which is a pretty good consolation but still we missed the other two. After the album premiere at Madison Square Gardens Kanye tweeted, "Imma fix Wolves." We're not really sure what he meant by that but today a version has surfaced featuring all three and it's excellent.

Mensa's parts really give the song the melodic backbone that it's missing on The Life Of Pablo and it's good to have him back. Listen to the version below. It's unknown whether or not it's official.

UPDATE (16/03/16): Kanye has finally fixed Wolves, bringing back Vic Mensa and Sia's verses and moving Frank Ocean's outro to its own song titled Frank's Track. You can stream the new Wolves on Tidal or listen to a leaked version on Soundcloud before it's taken down (below). 

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Fixed Wolves

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Fake fixed Wolves