The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: Beyoncé, James Blake, Dua Lipa And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/12/2016

10songzzOk best songs of the week, let's get in formation...

10. Motez
Down Like This (Feat. Tkay Maidza)

There’s something in the water in South Australia. The often forgotten state is the hometown of producer Motez and rapper Tkay Maidza who have joined forces for Down Like This – a track that will now also double as an anthem for the state. Featuring chopped and screwed Maidza vocals, Down Like This is heavily planted in Motez’s world of deep house with throbbing beats and “get to work” synths.

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9. Asta
Wild Emotion

Asta knocked it our of the park with her last tune Dynamite going from indie up-and-comer to certified popstar in a matter of minutes and now she's continuing that status with her latest Wild Emotion. Wild Emotion is a confident, '80s-tinged popstar with a chorus built to kill. Her voice is soaring on this track, sounding stronger than ever. Really exciting stuff from Asta, let's hope an album is on its way.

GAOBEAR (Feat. Dusty)

Dutch producer GANZ is gearing up for the release of his third EP GAO in April and he's dropped this track GAOBEAR in preparation. GAOBEAR is a hard-hitting rap track featuring verses by Dutch rapper Dusty who tears apart the track with an aggressive rap. GANZ matches his verses with an equally aggressive beat full of thudding beats and purposefully abrasive beats. It's a great sign of good things to come.

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7. Chiara Hunter

We were hooked on London-based Aussie Chiara Hunter's debut single War and she's continuing to impress with her latest drop Hammer. Hammer sees her channeling peak Janet Jackson bringing confident but free-flowing vocals over a groovy, colourful beat. She's got a damn impressive voice and what she does sounds so effortless. Best yet, she doesn't sound like an artist with only three songs to her name, bringing maturity and ambition to the table.

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6. Dua Lipa
Last Dance

Dua Lipa was part of our Future Class of 2016 and this latest drop justifies her inclusion even more. Last Dance is the third single to come from the 20 year-old husky-voiced singer and it’s a warm, dusk-born tune with an instrumental chorus that sizzles. Lipa’s voice on this sounds more textured and beautiful than ever, with each verse taking away pretty much everything but her voice and a simple synth. After the euphoric Be The One, it’s good to hear her deliver something more spacious where we can really hear her voice.

5. Santigold

Santigold's 99c will finally be released on 26th February but she continues to tease us with gold from the record. The latest nugget to come from 99c is Banshee - the most energetic track we've heard yet. It's over-flowing with those colourful, chaotic beats that Santigold delivers so well, pulling us back into the world of tracks like Big Mouth. We've loved everything from the record so far but it's good to hear that she hasn't lost her flair for stompers.


We’ve kept pretty quiet on Danish band CHINAH, quietly keeping an eye on them andwaiting expecting them to drop something really golden. Today they have gone and done that dropping Colder which is a beautifully slick piece of electro-pop. It’s a washy track but it’s buoyed by a really delectable melody and vocals that pierce through. Interestingly for a song called Colder it feels comfortably warm thanks to its ’80s-borrowed synths in the chorus. It’s taken from their EP Once The Lights Are On. 

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3. Ribongia
My World (Feat. Hancoq)

Sydney-based producer Ribongia is looking like he’s going to be one to keep a very close eye on this year. In 2015 he dropped the dancefloor storming Journeys and now he’s followed it up with the even better My World. My World features Melbourne rapper Hancoq who has been transported by Ribongia into a jungle of tribal beats and pan flute sounds.

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2. James Blake
Modern Soul

While most of the world has been tuned into Yeezy for the morning, James Blake has casually slipped out a new song during his BBC Radio1 residency. The track is called Modern Soul and it’s a soulful, solemn track featuring his trademark melancholic vocals and intricate production. It’s unknown whether the track is from his forthcoming album Radio Silence or not but it’s great to hear new music from him regardless. The last released from Blake was 2013’s Overgrown.

1. Beyoncé

Formation was produced by Mike Will Made It and is maybe the hardest we’ve ever seen her go. There’s iconic quote after iconic quote and just incase you thought it would be a good idea to go and turn them into a sweatshirt on Etsy she’s gone and done it before you. It’s also come complete with a video shot in New Orleans which sees her on the top of a sinking cop car and also just casually hanging out the side of a moving car. Blue Ivy is also in the clip.