Hot Or Not? North West, Alison Wonderland, Mike Baird And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/11/2016

Back in 1997 Notorious B.I.G asked “now, who’s hot, who not?” He may not be around to hear the answer but we’ve decided to provide you with a bi-weekly segment answering that very question. Every two weeks, we’ll provide you with what we’re really loving and what we’re wishing just didn’t happen.

After she dropped her last album completely out of the blue, we thought that Beyoncé may be all out of surprises but never doubt the Queen. Over the weekend she dropped a new track Formation, basically just three minutes of Bey speaking her mind, sounding as in control and confident as ever. On the track she manages to be funny, sexy and also an activist while pushing creative boundaries. Then she took it to the Super Bowl and basically made everyone forget that she was the support to Coldplay with a choreographed routine that amazed the entire world (bar Andrew Bolt and Fox News).

Disclaimer: Beyonce drops into ‘NOT’ if she hasn’t announced Australian tour dates by next week.

Laneway Sideshows
Every night for the past few nights we’ve had writers and photographers out enjoying the fruits of Laneway. This year is one of the strongest lineups the festival has presented and nearly everyone is doing sideshows. We’ve seen Vince Staples tear apart Max Watt’s, Majical Cloudz hit hearts at Newtown Social Club and people swoon at Purity Ring in the Opera House. Plus, we’re only just getting started. In a week where the lockouts have been such an issue it’s great to see Sydney enjoying lots of great music.

Photo: Bianca Bosso

Photo: Bianca Bosso

Alison Wonderland
Speaking of lockouts, Alison Wonderland is one of our local heroes this week. Even though she’s touring America to adoring crowds she hasn’t forgotten where she came from, taking the time to pen a badass open-letter to Premier Mike Baird. The best thing about what she wrote on Facebook is that she called him out for basically ignoring us. “You obviously don’t listen to anyone younger than you, so perhaps you’ll listen to someone who travels abroad more than you,” she wrote. The worst thing about what the NSW Government did is that they didn’t consult with the people who were going to be affected by these laws. They have essentially ignored anyone with an opinion different to theirs and it’s important to have voices like Alison Wonderland who can speak a little louder than the average Joe. Onya, AW.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.10.20 pmNorth West
That moment when you realise a 2 year-old is your style icon…

North West is killing it in the fashion stakes now particularly in the below pic where she’s just casually wandering around LAX rocking a Palace tee and Vans. Not even A$AP Rocky has looked this cool ever. When I was two I was wearing beige OshKosh corduroy pants, consistently looking like I had shit myself even when I hadn’t.

Dua Lipa
We span Be The One so many times that if it were a CD it would be scratched and beyond use right now so we were obviously hanging out for the follow-up and she’s delivered. Last Dance is exactly the song we want right at the tail-end of summer. It’s so warm, like it was born in a dusky sunset and best yet Lipa sounds better than she ever has. The spacious production leaves so much room for her raspy vocals to shine through. In love.



All The Acts Being Ruled Out Of Splendour
We thought that LCD Soundsystem and M83 were a shoo-in for Splendour In The Grass this year but it looks like they have been taken by Canadian festival WAYHOME. For the record, this same festival has also taken HAIM, Major Lazer, FKA twigs and Last Shadow Puppets from us. At this stage we’ll be lucky to have Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Shannon Noll belting out Don’t Give Up on the mainstage in Byron.

Mike Baird
The NSW Premier took to Facebook earlier this week telling everyone that “it is going to take a lot for me to change my mind,” in regard to the Sydney lockout laws. But it seems he’s woken a sleeping bear because just about every musicians who has ever got their start in a club in Sydney has hit back with a Facebook post far more eloquent and personal than what Baird offered up. Aside from Alison Wonderland, already mentioned, The Preatures, Flight Facilities and What So Not have spoken up. “You are starving our future generations the chance to show the world what Australia is made of so you can line your pocket,” wrote What So Not on his Facebook and hits the nail on the head. The question left unanswered by Baird is why the casinos are exempt from the laws that are shutting down other venues one by one. He’s yet to answer this.

Kanye West
We’ve only run this feature twice and Kanye has made it into ‘HOT’ both time but this week he makes his debut appearance in the ‘NOT’ list. Once again Kanye has been excellent on Twitter this week keeping us updated with his album (Now called The Life Of Pablo) and Yeezy Season 3 but he went and fucked it up with one comment, “BILL COSBY INNOCENT.” Twitter obviously erupted with a collective “WTF” but he hasn’t even bothered to clarify or justify the comments. It was a really stupid thing to write off the cuff and ruined what should’ve been his week to shine.

Whether or not you like their music it’s hard to deny that Coldplay are one of the greatest Arena acts around. Chris Martin is a valiant frontman and nearly all their song are built for mass singalongs. It’s perplexing then why their Super Bowl halftime show fell so flat. It felt like a watered down Coldplay performance with a few flowers thrown around to spread world peace somewhat haphazardly. Then they decide to recruit Beyonce and Bruno Mars, both of which have slayed the Super Bowl before, and unsurprisingly they were wiped off the stage. Martin was even left to scramble for a position in between the two.