Dua Lipa Brings Warm Vibes On 'Last Dance'

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/09/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

Dua Lipa was part of our Future Class of 2016 and this latest drop justifies her inclusion even more. Last Dance is the third single to come from the 20 year-old husky-voiced singer and it's a warm, dusk-born tune with an instrumental chorus that sizzles. Lipa's voice on this sounds more textured and beautiful than ever, with each verse taking away pretty much everything but her voice and a simple synth. After the euphoric Be The One, it's good to hear her deliver something more spacious where we can really hear her voice.

"I wrote 'Last Dance' in Toronto with Talay Riley and it's produced by Koz," Lipa told Noisey.

"I was homesick and tired and was really missing home. It was a very honest moment for me where I was able to write about how I was feeling that very moment. Every time I listen back to the track it takes me back to that exact moment and how I felt. It's kind of magic."