The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: Nicki Minaj, Tinashe, Club Cheval And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/05/2016


It's the time of the week where we seek the sleek, chic and unique but leave the weak...

10. Yo Gotti
Down In The DM (Nicki Minaj Remix)

A word for the wise - never let Nicki Minaj on your song. Why? Because she'll jump on and bulldoze your verses with a sharp, aggressive verse that makes your verse sound forgettable. This remix of Yo Gotti's Down In The DM is case in point. The track was a slick, enjoyable cut before Minaj jumped on but now it's simply housing one of her more memorable verses. It's just full of classic Minaj lines including, "Even Queen B had to tell them I'm the Queen," and "I said Miley, what's good?" Shutdown.

9. Matt Champion

Punk and rap has never really been a match made in heaven but Matt Champion's Punks suggests something to the contrary. He raps over reverb-soaked guitars and crunching drums, even bringing us a howling guitar solo at the end. "I feel like ‘Punks’ brought me closer to the younger me that didn’t think too much about shit, just lived," he told Pigeons and Planes and in that way, he captures punk in both sound and feeling. Still there's a definite hip-hop edge to it and that gives an extra element of toughness.

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8. Allie X
Old Habits Die Hard

Allie X is one of the more underrated artists in the biz. She released an excellent EP last year CollXtion I which probably should've gotten more attention than it did, but know she's back with a song that's going to be pretty hard for anyone to ignore. It's a big, pulsating pop tune taking cues from the '80s a la Carly Rae Jepsen's E.MO.TION. The chorus really hits the sweet spot and proves her potential as one of this year's most promising alt-popstars.

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7. Tinashe
Ride Of Your Life

Tinashe is prepping for the release of her second album Joyride this year and while we don't have a release date just yet she's keeping us entertained with a slew of killer tracks. Ride Of Your Life is the latest and it's another seductive, breathy cut. She always delivers with an immediately accessible melody but never keeps it straight, offering up a wooziness that sets her apart from the others doing it right now. Metro Boomin served up the beat on this one and has once again done a slamming job.

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6. Two People

In 2014, triple J Unearthed High winners Snakadaktal called it a day but they were far too young and too talented to quit music altogether and thankfully two ex-member have teamed-up for another musical project. Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough have come together as Two People and unleashed their debut single Faded today.

It’s clear that they have matured a bit since Snakadaktal, presenting a far more refined, experimental sound. Lou’s vocals are haunting and whimsical while Clough’s beats are born in the early hours of the morning – muted but affecting. It ever so slightly grows throughout and by the end it’s ready for after-dark dancefloors.

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5. Running Touch
Courtesy Of

If you haven’t heard already, Running Touch is a Melbourne producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist making genre-dividing, diverse music that also happens to be really bloody good. Courtesy Of is his latest tune and sees him effortlessly marry together his melancholic vocals with a funk-tinged instrumental driven by pulsating beats.

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4. Gallant & Jhene Aiko
Skipping Stones

It's pretty hard to find a voice that's easier to listen to right now than Jhene Aiko's but if there is a challenger it's LA-based artist Gallant. Gallant's falsetto on Skipping Stones is nothing short of spectacular and is beautifully weighted by Jhene Aiko's soulful tones. The pair weave around eachother beautifully putting the main focus on their voices which is strangely missing in many songs these days. There's an old soul to this song and it's because its two creators have worked with it so masterfully.

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3. Nina Las Vegas
Now Or Never (Feat. Swick and C.Z.)

This latest cut from NLV, Now Or Never, is similar to what we’ve heard from her and Swick in the past but it’s definitely the most accessible thing she’s done. That said, there’s really nothing like this being produced in Australia right now and it’s exciting to see someone continuously creating and supporting innovative production. Electronic music is something that can so often get weighed down in trends but Nina continues to defy all of them in favour of her own sound.

Read more.

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2. Katy B/Craig David/Major Lazer
Who Am I

Katy B is teaming up with a bunch of producers and vocalists for her new album Honey and she’s pulled in Craig David and Major Lazer for this latest one Who Am I. You would’ve expected a club banger from these three but instead they’ve offered up a pulsating, emotional cut. It’s not one bit disappointing though because Katy and Craig sound so great together. They have both brought garage into the pop world at different points and their pairing makes total sense given David’s comeback of late.

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1. Club Cheval
Young Rich And Radical

If Club Cheval keep releasing tracks as good as they have been they could be young, rich and radical. They have alredy nabbed a spot in our best songs of 2015 with Discipline and are part of our future class of 2016, now they’ve done it again on the appropriately titled Young Rich and Radical. Once again, marrying throbbing bass with R&B vocals, they have created a tune for clubs, bedrooms and cars, ticking just about every box there is on the banger checklist.

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