Flume Teams With Vince Staples and KUČKA For 'Smoke & Retribution'

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/29/2016
Image: Facebook

Image: Facebook

It was only a week or so ago that Flume dropped the first single Never Be Like You from his forthcoming album Skin but he's already dropped something else for us. The latest is Smoke & Retribution which sees him team up with US rapper Vince Staples and local hero KUČKA for a hip-hop flavoured tune coated with Flume's distinguishable aesthetic.

His production on this and Never Be Like You is gorgeous, rich and textured showing a real step-up from his comparatively intimate debut album. This tune holds nothing back with thumbing bass and an aggressive verse by Staples. KUČKA's sweet vocal perfectly compliments Staples' verses proving once again that she has one of the most interesting vocals in the game right now.

The best thing about this whole situation that's unfolding is that Flume with his big-room EDM status had the chance to make radio-friendly tunes that would've been huge but instead he's making some really interesting, intricate stuff and it's really exciting to watch.

He will debut his new show at Laneway Festival kicking off next weekend. It's worth nothing that Staples is also on the lineup so maybe we'll see a live collab.