Melbourne Duo Hoodlem Get All Wobbly On ‘Kintsugi’

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/28/2016


Remember Jai Paul? Back in 2012 you probably felt the same way about him hurrying the fuck up with an album as you do about Frank Ocean dropping a record. Well, return to that 2012 feeling momentarily because we think we may have a solution. Melbourne duo Hoodlem have just dropped Kintsugi with a wobbly bassline that challenges that’s right up Jai Paul’s alley.

The R&B slow-burner is full of seductive melodies and slinky beats, taking it slow but unleashing at the end with a clear beat that makes it even more sexy. The track was written in New York and is about the collapse of a relationship which is not so sexy but they still manage to make it sound warm and embracing. There’s an EP coming in March and you better believe we will hit you up as soon as it drops.