Hear UK Duo Bedlam’s Sleek New Cut ‘It’s Not Me’

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/28/2016

Bedlam run away from the voices in their head on 'It's Not Me' [405 Premiere]

I heard this track coming straight off the back of listening to Rihanna’s ANTI and immediately felt like this is what she needed to have on the album. Bedlam are a producer/singer duo from the UK who are making really brooding electronic music with confident, sleek vocals. It’s Not Me is their latest and it’s just got so many elements to get excited about. The production is top notch with so many audible delights, the chorus is dense and the vocals are powerfully textured.

If you’re going to hit play, it’s worth staying around until the end. The final harmonies are on point and heartbreaking.