The 10 Best Songs Of The Week: Kanye West, The Jezabels, AlunaGeorge And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/22/2016


The tunes that made us the most excited this week, ranked.

10. Spookyland
Gods Eyes

The last time we wrote about Spookyland was way back in March 2014 and it was about his track This Silly Fucking Thing. Admittedly we've slept on Spookyland far too long but were awoken this week with the release of Gods Eyes. Now a fully-fledged band, they are gearing up for the release of their debut album Beauty Already Beautiful . This is the first single and it's a confident, full-sounding rock song with vocals that will arrest you immediately. The album is out May 2016.

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9. The Jezabels
Pleasure Drive

Sad news coming out of The Jezabels camp today that keyboardist Heather Shannon is fighting ovarian cancer and as a result they have had to cancel their world tour. We wish Shannon a speedy recovery because the new tracks coming from the Sydney band are too good not to be toured. Pleasure Drive is the first single from new album SYNTHIA and it sees frontwoman Hayley Mary become an absolute badass. The video is haunting and confident while that chorus has everything we love about The Jezabels - soaring vocals and stormy instruments.

8. Montaigne
In The Dark

From one dark track to another, the young gun with the huge voice Montaigne has dropped a new track In The Dark and it sees her take a much more haunting route. In The Dark is experimental, weird and buoyed by Montaigne's massive voice. It's another vocal masterclass but it sees her take more risks than on any song she's released so far showing a rapid growth. Without a doubt she's one of the brightest talents in this country and will no doubt have a huge year this year, starting with this cut.

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7. Yuma X
Keep Me Up

Another Aussie! Yuma X is a boy-girl duo who we know little else about. They have upload three tracks on their Soundcloud including Keep Me Up and they have all been warm, effortless slices of electro-pop. Keep Me Up may just be their best though. It's beautifully subtle, never really reaching a climax but rather choosing to sit in a sweat spot for its three minute duration. It doesn't really matter that it never climaxes. The vocals are heartbreaking enough to pull you right through to the finish.

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6. Tinashe
Energy (Feat. Juicy J)

Tinashe is gearing up for the release of her second album Joyride and this week she just popped this track on Soundcloud because why not. Energy was produced by Mike Will Made It and while Mike's trademark sound is all over it's Tinashe's sultry vocals that define it. She sounds as good as ever bringing those late-night, woozy R&B vibes once again. Juicy J's verse is good but it's pretty hard to beat what Tinashe lays down before him.

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5. Betsy

We get sent a lot of stuff daily and while we try to listen to most of it, it all becomes one big blur after a Soundcloud listening session. It's takes something pretty special to stop us in our tracks and the voice of UK artist Betsy. The singer featured on Joe Goddard's Endless Love but Fair is the first track off her debut EP. She's got one of those rich, bellowing voices that adds emotion to anything she sings and all it takes on this track is a simple instrumental to elevate her impressive pipes. Apparently she counts Shirley Bassey as one of her inspirations and while you won't draw any comparisons to Hey Big Spender here, she brings the same sort of depth vocally as Bassey does.

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4. Boulevards
Cold Call

While we're waiting on the new Blood Orange record we think we might've found something just as soulful and funky. Cold Call is the first single off Jamil Rashad AKA. Boulevards' debut album Groove!. It's got a throwback groove to it that many have tried to emulate over the past few years but few have been successful at. Boulevards has been very successful. It's got a smoothness to it that's impossible to fake as if he's popped his collar and walked into a bar wooing everyone immediately.

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3. Tourist
To Have You Back

It's good To Have You Back Tourist. It's been over 7 months in between tunes for the Brighton producer but To Have You Back is a great return to form. Like most of Tourist's production it's hard to pinpoint exactly where the song is going darting from deep house influences to R&B to atmospheric electronica and that's the best thing about it. It's all bound together by emotional keys that jab at the heart. That coupled with the soulful vocal sample is enough to make anyone feel a bit weak.

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2. AlunaGeorge
I'm In Control

AlunaGeorge are finally back with I’m In Control - a dancefloor-orientated scorcher that gives us everything we’ve always loved about AlunaGeorge – the minimal beats, the slinky vocals, the ’90s-leaning melodies. They have recruited dancehall master Popcaan to crank the temperature up on this one even more. It’s the perfect anthem for the Australian summer. Shame about those Brits enduring the cold.

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1. Kanye West
No More Parties In L.A (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)

No More Parties In L.A. is the first time Kendrick and Kanye have ever teamed up on a track and they go back and forth on this one, each bar bettering the next. As it turns out the beat for the track, provided by Madlib, dates back as far as 2010, during the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sessions. He’s obviously given it an update though and it’s sounding mighty fine. Kendrick's verse is good but Kanye is on absolute fire at the moment and he genuinely wipes the floor is the last two minutes of this epic.

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