What's Hot And What's Not? Kanye Fridays, Trop-House Remixes, Katy Perry's Bumpit And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/13/2016

Back in 1997 Notorious B.I.G asked “now, who’s hot, who not?” He may not be around to hear the answer but we’ve decided to provide you with a weekly segment answering that very question. Every seven days, we’ll provide you with what we’re really loving and what we’re wishing just didn’t happen.  


Kanye Fridays

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.54.29 pmUnlike Rihanna and Frank Ocean, Kanye has been able to sort us out with a release date for his forthcoming album (11th February!) and has also decided to drop a tune every Friday. First he gave us FACTS but he bettered that last week with a return to form on Real Friends. He’s entering album number X in fine form and we’re constantly looking towards his next move.

Lady Gaga As An Actress

leo_360.pngLeo’s obviously not a fan but we’re very happy to see her take home a Golden Globe for her role in American Horror Story:Hotel. Anything that keeps her from recording jazz albums is fine with us and hopefully her acting stint will buy her some time to record a pop album that brings her back to the heights of The Fame Monster.

One-Stage Festivals


Photo: Brayden Smith, BCS Imaging

FOMO proved over the weekend that crowds are happy to stay in one spot and watch acts as long as it’s a stellar bill. It means that all the acts have a decent crowd and the energy is concentrated in one spot. Those who liked Jamie xx packed up the front while those who weren’t so concerned watched from the hill clutching drinks or doughnuts - same went for all the acts on the bill. It was a vibrant atmosphere and proof that punters agree less is more. 

Kendrick Lamar Reeboks

kendrick-lamar-reebok-neutral (1)Yeezy isn’t the only one dropping popular sneakers. The man behind last year’s best album has teamed up with Reebok to drop exclusive sneakers. Last year they dropped the Ventilator together and now they’re releasing the Reebok Classic x Kendrick Lamar Classic Leather shoe. No details yet on where to cop it in Australia but it’s on sale 16th January in the States.

Aussies Overseas 

Photo: Haley Draznin

Photo: Haley Draznin

Huge US festivals Coachella and Governor's Ball have dropped their lineups for 2016 and to the surprise of no one there’s quite a few Aussies on the bill. Courtney Barnett, Cloves, DMA’s, Flume, Miami Horror, Nina Las Vegas and RUFUS all nabbed a spot on the lineup for Coachella while Chet Faker and Meg Mac are heading to Gov Ball in NYC. Courtney Barnett appears on both.


Rihanna's #AntiDiary

rihanna-room7If Rihanna put as much time into her album as she has for this confusing, never-ending campaign for Samsung we’d have, well, an album by now. She dropped the cover for Anti months ago and now has taken us through a bunch of confusing rooms only to deliver us nothing but a moving picture of her spinning a Samsung phone. Apparently the first single is called Work so maybe she should take a leaf out of her own book and get to work. Until the album arrives we are taking the pressure off Frank Ocean and wholeheartedly putting it on Rihanna. And please to God don’t make us walk through another one of those rooms.

Tropical House Remixes 

maxresdefault (1)The tropical house remix of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car has officially risen to number one on the iTunes charts in Australia so well bloody done everyone. Granted it’s summer and everybody is looking for something other than the sun to remind them of that but surely we can do better. This isn’t the first time either. We’ve had trop-house covers of Ain’t Nobody and Show Me Love scale the charts in all their watered-down glory and quite frankly, we’re starting to look like a country of fools. Also, is it completely necessary to have two trop-house covers of Fast Car in the charts? If we need to have one, let’s decide which one and be done with it.

People Lighting Things On Fire At Festivals

Pic: Brayden Smith, BCS Imaging

Pic: Brayden Smith, BCS Imaging

One punter at FOMO over the weekend decided that the flames surrounding RL Grime on the stage weren’t enough and decided to light his shirt on fire and swing it around above his head. If you want to do that in your own living room, it’s a questionable choice but ok, just don’t create a fire hazard for thousands of people at what was otherwise a great festival. People also let off flares at far too many festivals last year and it’s something that can’t continue. Festival organisers are under enough pressure to deal with drugs at the moment and the government doesn’t need another excuse to shut them down.

Katy Perry’s Bumpit

giphy (4)Katy Perry has officially reached the pit of her nostalgia barrel. On her debut album she channelled the ‘50s and on her most recent album she looked to the ‘90s for inspiration - maybe it’s about time she did something that vaguely resembled 2016.