Paces And Jess Kent Have Crafted A Summer Banger Together '1993 (No Chill)'

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/13/2016


Quite frankly, it wouldn't be summer without a single from Gold Coast producer Paces, so thank goodness he's come through with an absolute slammer 1993 (No Chill). It's taken from his forthcoming debut album Vacation and features the vocals of newcomer Jess Kent. You may recognise her voice because she's currently dominating airways with her unbelievable debut single Get Down.

It seems Paces and Kent are the perfect team as Paces provides a tropical but urban beats while Kent adds plenty of flavour and attitude. It's only early in the year but at this point it's the best Australia release of the year and there's a chance it may be for a long while. An absolute summer treat from one of the nicest guys in music.

Vacation is out 4th March which means summer has officially been extended this year.

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