REVIEW + PICS: Disclosure | Sydney Opera House

Written By Meshell Webb on 01/07/2016

The Sydney Opera House - she’s a cruel mistress. While many (read:all) musicians dream of one day gracing her stage and ticking that big shining beacon off the bucket list, things don’t always go as planned. We’ve heard time and time again of electronic, rock and even pop acts who have found the setting to be somewhat off-putting. The polite rows of seated fans who do little more than a single clap between songs in a venue where every pin drop can be heard is an easy way to shake even the steeliest performers into a self-conscious state.

I had my fears, I was truly concerned that dear Disclosure would leave the stage feeling deflated and cheated out of this milestone performance. Thankfully, I was wrong. Thank the lords of electronic music I was SO WRONG.

As I took my seat and waited for the duo to take to the stage, all the while staring patiently at the familiar circular cage setup, I could feel the energy of my fellow punters buzzing into the atmosphere, filling the space with excited chatter in a way I’d never experienced inside this venue. The lights dimmed and a deafening scream ensued. From the second the hook from White Noise began and the boys took to their respective stations, every member of the audience leapt from their seats and began to heave their bodies to the music. This was the bar being set for the evening, with the crowd swaying about and singing (screaming) at the top of their lungs until the flood lights came on.

Segwaying seamlessly into F for You then Superego I had a moments clarity to admire the lighting design, projections along the back screen lined up with an impressive light and laser show, some of the best i’ve seen in the Opera House which is a MASSIVE call as their usual team kill it anyway. It seemed that Disclosure were kicking goals left right and centre.

The middle of the set saw Disclosure showcasing all their new catchy pop from their latest album, Caracal. There is no hint of exaggeration when I say that the entire audience pretty much lost their shit every time the duo hinted at the next track. With energy levels never dropping below 110% it didn’t feel like things could get much crazier until they dropped an extended version of Bang That which transported the audience into a rave cave for about ten minutes. When we all came out on the other side Disclosure treated us to a guest vocal performance from Jillian Hervey (one part of Lion Babe) who is 90% hair and 10% glitter.

By the time the encore came around the audience were pretty much willing to give up their first borns for a song or two more. The duo obliged by bringing out featured singer on Moving Mountains, Brendan Reilly who SLAYED vocals and proved he is going to be big (yes, this man can sing HIGHER than dear Sam Smith). After a heartfelt thanks Disclosure teased at dropping smash hit, Latch at which the audience screamed in absolute hysterics for about a minute and a half (fairly certain the girl clad in nought but a Calvin Klein Bra and festival shorts behind me fell over in joy). It felt like things couldn’t really get any better and the duo concluded a show which rocketed up to number one on my list of best shows at the Opera House.

The sound quality, the lighting, the musicianship of the boys and the sheer power and excitement brought by the crowd made this one very special way to kick off live music in Sydney for 2016. What we want to know now is…who the HELL is going to top this?

All photos by Brayden Smith (BCS Imaging).